What a workout
What A Workout!
(The author would like to note that this is a fictional story and does not depict any real life event.)

There is this gorgeous woman named Corinna who works out at the same gym that I do. She is hispanic and her brown skin and dark eyes have always driven me crazy. She is a little stuck on herself, so I never really thought of pursuing her. That is, until one day when I decided to make her a part of my carrying fantasies. Instead of abducting her by force I decided on another approach.

That's where a female friend of mine who also works out at my gym comes in.

Kris is a little larger than average and fairly stong, but she is very nice looking. She also happens to be bi-sexual and I have found out through conversations with her that she also has a female carrying fetish.

I figured she would be the perfect accomplice.

Kris went over Corinna's house one evening and managed to spike her drink; thus, putting Corinna into a deep sleep. After her task was accomplished she left to meet me at the meeting point, a vacant house, with the prize. I entered through a back door, that kris made sure was unlocked, and saw my prize lying on the floor wearing a tight fitting one piece skirt. I was in a hurry so I didn't notice too many details about her. I quickly threw her over my shoulder and briskly walked to the car. I could feel her entire upper body swaying behind my back as I walked but I didn't have time to enjoy it.

When I got her to my place however, it was a different story. I had placed her on the sofa and her lovely form was laid out before me. Her tight fitting one piece dress was white, which really accentuated her beautiful brown skin and shiny black hair. I injected her with a dose of a stronger sedative which woud keep her out for hours and got the video camera accessible to record the festivities. Kris then showed up and took the first turn with the camera.First, I picked up Corinna's limp body in my arms and held her like that for a couple of minutes. Her head and arms hung limp and slightly bounced up and down as I walked toward the camera. It felt great to hold her like that but my passion is over the shoulder carries so I flipped her from my arms to over my shoulder in one motion, her arms flailing wildly momentaily. Her limp hands struck my butt several times while I secured her on my shoulder. I walked around with Corinna's inert body draped over my shoulder while Kris video taped it from every concievable angle. It felt heavenly holding on to the back of her fantastic thighs as I carried her and I naturally felt her magnificent ass quite often. I even shifted her to the other shoulder for a little different look.

As wonderful as it felt carrying her myself it was Kris' turn to do some carrying. Not that that is that bad of a proposition, for I also love seeing an unconscious woman being carried by another woman. Now I could see it done in person as well as have it on tape.

I placed Corinna in a chair sitting upright and grabbed the video camera from Kris. Kris first lifted Corinna and held her for a moment face to face with their breasts pressed together. Kris then had no trouble hoisting her over her shoulder.

"Come on sweet cakes" Kris said as Corinna fell over her shoulder.

Corinna's left arm was hanging limp behind Kris' back while Kris held on to Corinna's right wrist. After Kris took a few steps, she let go of Corinna's wrist and her right arm fell limp behind Kris' back as well. I followed Kris with the camera as she carried Corinna in and out of every room in the house. Kris would occasionally talk to Corinna, although she was still very unconscious.

"Come on sweetheart". "Yeah baby, I've been wanting to do this for a long time".

I knew I would enjoy it but never thought I would be as aroused as I was. I almost enjoyed watching Kris carry Corinna as much as I liked carrying her myself; the key word being ALMOST.

Finally, Kris entered the bedroom and placed her on my king size bed. I told Kris to undress her as I still had the camcorder going. Kris, very keen to the idea, lifted her upper body off of the bed and unzipped the dress. As Kris pulled the dress towards her, Corinna's upper body fell back to the bed and bounced up and down a couple of times. Corinna's breasts were average in size but they were perfectly shaped. Soon Corinna was completely nude and Kris and I both explored her body. Needless to say, Kris and I both were quite aroused by this time. Kris gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me for "letting her in on this little adventure".

However, things were really about to get hot. The little kiss on the cheek suddenly turned in to a prolonged kiss with her tongue in my mouth and mine in hers. The next thing I know, Kris and I are nude on the bed making love while Corinna's nude, unconscious body lying right beside us. As I said before, Kris was a little larger than an average women, but she was built like a brick outhouse. It was the most intense sexual experience that I'd had in years. After several sexual positions and about 40 minutes later, we were both lying there exhausted. After regaining our energy we re-dressed ourselves and Corinna. I put her over my shoulder again and carried her to the car. She felt a little heavier this time because I was so physically spent. We took her back to her house and left her in her own bed. When she awakens she shouldn't remember a thing.

Kris and I looked forward to reviewing our workout on tape and possibly even doing it again sometime. What a workout!

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