Words From Your Host
Words From Your Host

Hope you guys had a nice holiday. Well, in the spirit of the jolidays I decided I would go ahead an give this site the long awaited and much needed update. Most of you must have noticed everything has that was out of whack is fixed...hopefully! If you guys notice anything that is not working let me know so I cam fix it.

I updated every single area of this site except Author's Corner. Since Sleeping Butt's story did not come through on my computer I had no new material to post with this update. I know that is probably all on my head since I probably made it appear that if you sent me a story I wouldn't post it. Stories are the one thing I will continue to update regardless of my attitude towards updating this site. I understand the time and effort you guys put in on writing the story and I respect that. So, if you guys do send me a story I will pay you the respect of posting it. The onlly reason that I wouldn't post it is if I find some faults to it and even then I will give you the chance to revise it if possible. So, anyone looking to try something new and get your name, or atleast pseudoname, acknowledged, give it a chance and send your story to namesadam@yahoo.com.

And lastly, TR was looking for some good real life stories on the discusssion board. I would have to double this request. I too have been in a bit of a slump lately and have little to offer but would like to here some success stories. So anyone who has some, there has to be a few of you, speak up and share with the group.


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