Don Smiley, Kidnapper For Hire
Don Smiley

Hi there, my name is Don Smiley and I am a kidnapper for hire. I have been working this job now for 15 years and can only hope to continue for 15 more. It is a great job I must admit. When I first started my very business, Ultimate Revenge, I did not know whether it would be successful or a complete flop. I was just hoping people wanted to put a little scare into someone who at one point hurt them in some fashion. That is all that I do, honestly. I just kidnap them to scare them a little in hopes that they start to change their ways; I have never had to hurt anyone, I swear. Sometimes I have to tied them up and sometimes I play with their bodies, but they are asleep and donít realize anything is happening; but thatís all I do.

There are a few principal reasons that enable me to enjoy working this job. I feel I need to explain this to you guys because you must think I am some sort of wacko for kidnapping people as my living. Not that I can really blame you, I would think the same thing if I was in your position. I am really a normal guy and I believe by sharing with you why I do what I do you will understand it as well as be able to relate. Who knows, maybe when I am through explaining this to you, you too will want to get a job in my field too.

Money plays a very focal reason as to why I work this job. I make on average, one hundred thousand dollars a kidnapping and I have made as much as 5 million for a job before. The reasons behind my high price tag is quite simple. First off, the risk factor. If I am going to put myself at stake against the law, everyone knows kidnapping is illegal and I am usually a law-abiding citizen, I need enough money to make it worth it; twenty bucks just doesnít cut it. Another reason that I get so much money is due to my customers emotional levels. Think about it for a second, when you want some kidnapped you are very emotionally charged. When a person is so emotionally charged they do things they normally wouldnít do at other times. I wonít lie to you, I play off this and it has benefited me immensely. If I wanted to, I could retire now and live comfortably the rest of why life. But who wants to spend all their time doing nothing? I know I donít.

I am sure the money factor is a reason you guys could very easily relate to. Everyone wants money and will go get it by any means. Money is an important but it isnít the only reason that I am a kidnapper for hire. I could make money at many other jobs. I graduated 3rd in the class of 1982 at Harvard College and could have worked wherever I wanted; I had plenty of offers from prestigious law firms, all of which I turned down.

When I first started this job I took whatever case I was offered. Whether it was a women or a man, a attractive women or an ugly women, an old person or a young person, I had no other choice but to accept the offers. At that time, I was poor and I did not have a very large clientele. Some jobs were more fun then others. I, being a heterosexual male, always enjoyed the cases where I kidnapped the females over those that involved kidnapping men. But as I explained I had no choice but to accept all kinds of cases. The men, for the most part, where much more difficult to retain. They were stronger, more aggressive, and were testosterone driven. All this equals up to the males putting up some hard fights. I remember one time I tried getting this one guy in the trunk of my car, I even had his hands bound behind him, and he turned around and kicked me as hard as he could. He was aiming for my sac but fortunately missed. With his hands tied behind him he lost his balance and fell back. He still got a solid shot on my leg, man did it hurt. But I quickly took advantage of his fall and threw him in the trunk.

Donít think for a second that females donít put up fights either, some do. I had to kidnap this one female back in í88. She was very attractive and she knew it, she was very egotistical and made everyone feel inferior to her. Thatís what caused a friend of hers to come to me. She wanted to teach this female a lesson. Without hesitation I accepted the order. This was to be my first kidnapping of such an attractive female, I couldnít pass. I knew the second she showed me the picture of this 5"6 brunette with green eyes I had to accept.

I went to her house with my necessary tools: chloroform, in case I need to subdue the victim to calm them down, ropes, and gags. I opened and unlocked a window and climbed into her house while she was in the kitchen. Quietly, I snuck into the kitchen and noticed she had a friend. I almost panicked at that moment but managed to keep my cool. I then decided to hide in a closet and hope one of them would walk by; when they would walk by I would then chloroform her. If it was the victim I would leave, if it was the friend I would hide her in the closet. I went to what I thought was the closest closet and stepped in, only it was the stairwell to the downstairs. This was actually better for it would make a safer escape route. When I heard someone coming I opened the door and chloroformed the lady. She was easy but she was the friend not the victim. As the cloth went over her mouth she put out a muffled scream and a few seconds later she was out. I then threw the 5í3, dirty blond haired friend over my shoulders and carried her down stairs. She had a decent body and I got a few feels of her ass. She also got a few feels of my ass as her arms were dangling about, but she was unaware due to being unconscious. I put her down on a couch and was just about ready to go upstairs when the thought struck me, sheís asleep and defenseless. I then removed her shirt and saw to my amazement she was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were very plump and I started feeling her up. Man, was I hard. I then bent down and started sucking on those things.

I donít know how long I was sucking and playing with her breasts but all of a sudden I heard the door open. I immediately came to my senses and hid behind the stairwell. When my victim got down I went for it. I had planned on jumping her and scaring her. The result would hopefully have her scared enough that she would oblige my commands and make the kidnapping simple. This was just not to be. When we landed, I felt an elbow go right into my face and screamed in pain. She took advantage of this weakness and got away from me. I immediately went after her. I grabbed her and locked her arms behind her. She was very flexible and quick and easily maneuvered herself out of my hold. She then threw a solid punch at me which landed straight on my cheek; once again I was in great pain. But I couldnít let her go, so I went right back to her and I got the chloroform wetted cloth I used on the friend accessible. I grabbed her from behind and placed the cloth over her mouth and nose. She put out a muffled scream and tried hitting and kicking me to get out of the hold. I quickly grabbed her arms and she tried screaming even louder. I was able to feel her body as she became more sleepy and after about 40 seconds I heard her moan and saw her eyes roll back; she was limp and in my arms. I then bent over and threw her over my shoulders. She gracefully fell over my shoulders and when I stood upright I felt her hands fall and swing around, every so often brushing my ass. I then carried her out to my car getting some nice feels of her ass, and thighs as I had her over my shoulder. The fact that she was only wearing a tee shirt and leggings only added to the experience. I was hard the hole time, thinking lustful thoughts and also acting them out. Maybe this isnít the most ethical and moral way to get some "play" but it is the perfect option for me: play and no commitment.

After that kidnapping I set a goal for myself. To become successful enough to be able to choose cases that I want to take; i.e. attractive young ladies. I bet you were expecting me to add "attractive young ladies who donít put up a fight." You were, werenít you? I am sure you were. Actually, I enjoy the girls putting up a fight, it adds to the excitement and also the arousement. Nothing gives me more satisfaction then kidnapping a feisty, strong-willed women.

I have now reached my goal which I set ten years ago and I am riding high. Every kidnapping is as exciting and kinky as I choose it to be. The females are asleep so they have no clue that they are being violated. It is better this way for both parties, donít you agree? What they donít know canít hurt them,. Man, I have some great stories to tell!

Let me tell you guys about my last "job" while I still have it fresh in my mind. Itís a good one, trust me youíll love it. Well, I was sitting in my office doing some boring paperwork. Paperwork is the one part of my job I could do without but you canít have it all, with the good comes the bad. In this case, the good far outweighs the bad. But I digress. Anyway, I am doing my paperwork when a 30 year old man enters the building. I pleasantly greet him and he just cuts to the chase. He wasnít in the mood for any B.S. he just wanted to get down to business. My type of man, he makes the job a lot easier on my.

Half of my customers come in still unsure as to whether they want to follow through with their urges. I then have to do a little persuading, sometimes a lot, to convince that they should listen to their emotions and follow through. Sometimes it works other times they leave embarrassed that they could have actually thought about having some one kidnapped.

As I was saying, he wanted me to kidnap two people, his wife Becky and her friend Morgan. After getting the background and viewing the pictures of the women I gladly accepted the case. Becky, was a beautiful 29 year old brunette, with green eyes, slight tan, great body. He mentioned with great pride that she once posed for a certain adult magazine. I made a note to myself to look for that issue as soon as possible. Morgan, the friend, was just as beautiful. 28 years old, reddish/blondish hair a little past her shoulders, brown eyes, beautiful skin, great body. I saw a view of her ass that had me hard as a rock. I couldnít wait to get to work. I already had a plan. I accepted the job and the price was set at half a million. Two women includes double the risk thus increasing the price. He never told me why exactly he wanted me to kidnap these two lovely women and I did not ask. I have learned over the years that if the customers told tell you why they want someone kidnapped it is best not to pry into their business and ask them for a reason. Some things are better left alone.

That night I decided I would go to work. The guy told me he was going out of town for the night and the two friends would be over at his house hanging out. The opportunity presented itself and I knew I had to take advantage of it. Also, I was too excited to wait any longer. I needed these women in my possession.

I waited until eleven oí clock that night when it appeared most of the neighborhood was asleep; at least they were in their bedrooms watching television or reading a magazine for the night. The two women were clearly awake with most of the lights on in the house. This was to make sneaking into the house a little difficult due to the fact anyone passing by would be able to spot me. I thought of a new way to get inside, I would go to the front door and ask to use the phone. My car broke down, I need to call a tow, the whole 9 yards. They would let me in and I would do my thing. This new course of action would require me to knock them out because I can only take away one person awake at a time. I did not bother bringing any ropes or gags because I knew I wouldnít need them. Just brought my trusty chloroform and white cloth. I parked the car in front of their house and started walking to the front door.

As I reached the porch I was able to hear the ladies talking and laughing and a TV was on in the background. It appears they found men to be quite comical. The house was large and it was very clear that they were very affluent. There was a Lexus and a Mercedes Benz in the driveway; I assumed one belonged to Becky and the other Morgan.

I knocked on the door and Becky came to it and asked who was there. I gave them the broken down car act and was successful. She quickly opened the door apologizing for being so paranoid. "But you know how many psychos there are out there. You got to make sure you are safe," she said as I walked in. I merely agreed but really wasnít listening. I was getting a handle of the place: seeing where everything was, making sure there was no alarm system that could have recorded my entrance (there wasnít), and where Morgan was at. I was also thinking of how exactly I was going to go about this. I had originally planned on hiding and getting one at a time. But now they both knew I was here and had to use a new method.

Becky offered me a beverage and I said I could go a coffee, it could be a long time with my car broken down. She then brought me to the living room where Morgan was stationed and we were introduced. Then Becky went to the kitchen to make some coffee. I saw this as my opportunity. Morgan was sitting next to the telephone and I then decided I would call a tow truck. I went to the phone and stood behind Morgan. She offered to move so I could sit but I said I was happy to stand and she should stay where she was, I did not want to be an inconvenience. I had already wetted the cloth with chloroform in the car and got it ready in my hand. As I got behind Morgan I sprung into action. The cloth went over her mouth and she tried to scream. All that came out was a muffled "mmpph" and at the same time she took a big breath. I felt a lot of her energy leave her but she was still conscious. I kept the cloth over her mouth for a little longer and I saw her eyelids start to drag and her eyes start to roll. Finally, a last moan and her eyes rolled back and closed; she was knocked out.

Just at that moment Becky asked if I was going to want cream or sugar in my coffee. I said I would but I would put it in since I know the exact amount that I like put in. I walked into the kitchen with the chloroformed cloth behind my back. She said it is not ready just yet and mentioned that I should try calling the tow truck service. I said that was a good idea and went over to the phone. When Becky turned around I went for it. I came up behind her and placed the cloth over her mouth and nose and my other arm held her arms to her stomach.. She let out a scream that came out as a "mmmmmmmpppphhhhh" and tried kicking her way out of my hold. My arms were over her breasts and I was able to feel them wiggle about as she tried getting out of her compromising position. I was so hard at that moment I thought I was going to burst. Slowly, she started becoming weaker. I felt her breasts stop squirming as much and her "mmmmpphing" was becoming a little quieter. Her eyelids were started to drag and flutter and then finally she let out a final moan, her eyes rolled back and shut and she was asleep.

I release my grasp of her arms and they quickly fell to the side. I turned her around and bent over. With my left hand, I grabbed her left hand and pushed her towards me. Gracefully, her body followed. Her head fell back a little as she came towards me. I bent down to her hips, and placed her over my shoulders. I got up and let go of her hand and felt it fall over my shoulders and start swinging around with her other arm. I placed both hands on her thighs and started carrying her to the room where Morgan was sleeping. I took some feels of her ass too and was in heaven. I got to the room and put Becky down right next to Morgan.

Oh man, I think I forgot to tell you guys what these women were wearing! That was the best part. It was summertime in Florida and it was a warm day out. These women were planning on swimming later that night and had nothing but a skimpy bikiniís! Becky had a white bikini and Morgan had red one. I was in heaven.

I decided before I was going to transport the women to my retaining building I would have a little fun with them. I took off their bathing suits and stared at their naked bodies. Their asses were lovely and their breasts had my name written all over them. I did my thing feeling them up and sucking their tits. I also got plenty of feels of their buttsí and legs. I sucked their toes for a while too. I must have gotten off at least 4 times that night.

When I was done, I realized I had to get them to the car. I chloroformed them once more to make sure they would not wake up and put their bikiniís back on. I first brought Morgan to the car. I lifted her up off the couch so she was standing eye to eye with me; I ofcourse was supporting her weight at that moment. I bent down and she fell over my left shoulder. Her arms were dangling and every so often brushed my ass. I was holding her legs getting some feels of her thighs and brought her to my car and put her in the trunk. I then went back to retrieve Becky. I got her and lifted her off the couch just like I had done to Morgan. I bent down and she fell over my right shoulder. I got up and carried her over my shoulder, out to the car. There I placed her in the trunk next to Morgan.

I brought them to my retaining building and kept them there for a couple days. Eventually, Beckyís husband paid the $500,000 ransom fee and they were peacefully returned. This kidnapped was never reported to the cops and everyone is living happily right now.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention to you guys my last reason as to why I like this job. The excitement. Nothing beats the thrill of kidnapping. Knowing that if you mess up and a victim gets away you are going to jail. I get a huge adrenaline rush before every kidnapping. Without this rush I donít know if I could do as good a job as I do. I am sure every one of you has at one time or another felt such a rushed? Some probably loved and others probably hated it. I for one love the feeling and I have found a way to get a the rush on a regular basis.

So, I hope I explained myself to you guys. I really am just a normal John Doe just like you and all your friends. Sure, my job may be a little out there but I am sure there isnít some part of you that is a little envious of me and my job. Look at all the money and play I get. You would have to be crazy not to be a little envious.

And before I leave you, remember if you ever want to get revenge on some one and have them kidnapped, give me a call. Until next timeÖ..

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