You Can't Trust Anyone These Days
You Can't Trust Anyone These Days

"I can't wait to pull this off", Kim Johnston thought to herself as she and her partner wrapped up another taping session of their exercise show. Kim had made a deal with a white slavery ring that she had heard about from a friend of hers that had just gotten out of prison. The deal was for Kim to deliver her partner, Lani Takamora, to the ring for a healthy payday. Lani was the star of their exercise show that they had been doing for about a year. She was a beautiful Asian woman with a body to die for and Kim was quite jealous of her. She thought she would make a nice sum of money whileridding herself of Lani at the same time, in hopes that she would be the new star of the show. Both girls where in great shape, as the two piece bikinis they always wore for the show revealed in stunning detail. Lani was fairly muscular, but weighed only about 115 pounds. Kim was larger and more muscular. Almost a body builder type, but she didn't look like your typical steroid infested female bodybuilder. She had a beautiful face, beautifully sculpted legs and very nice breasts.

The set was in a secluded outdoor area about a mile from their hotel. Lani had told the director that she was going to stay behind and finish working out and would jog back to the hotel later. This worked into Kim's plan perfectly. Kim rode back to the hotel with the production people, but went to her car instead of her room, making sure that she hadn't been seen. She parked about 1/4 mile from the set and quietly walked up behind Lani who was sitting on a workout bench doing bicep curls with a set a dumbells. Damn, Kim thought. "She's not out yet". Kim had slipped a sedative in Lani'swater bottle and she had hoped she would be unconscious by now. "I'll have tothis the hard way". As she walked up to the workout area, Lani turned around. "What are you doing back here"? Without saying a word, Kim cracked Lani in the temple, sending her to the ground. Lani managed to get up and tried to run, but she was groggy and couldn't move very quickly. Kim cupped herhands together and hit Lani on the base of her neck, sending her to the ground again. This time she was out cold. Kim stood over Lani's unconscious body, her heart racing with excitement. She turned Lani over on her back, placed her hands under Lani's armpits and dragged her to one of the inclined benches and placed her on it. After catching her breath, Kim placed her hands under Lani's armpits again and pulled her limp body off of the bench. She held Lani's body next to hers for a moment. She had been wanting to do thisfor a long time, but knew that Lani would never go for it. "Oh well, now you will be going away for a while".

Kim realized that she was running short of time, so she planted her right shoulder in Lani's midsection and allowed herlimp body to fall over her shoulder. She had her right hand on the back of Lani's left thigh and her left hand hand on Lani's firm ass. She ran her left hand up and down Lani's thighs, as they were slick with sweat. As she was walking to the car, Kim felt Lani's limp body gently swaying back and forth and this turned her on much more than she even thought it would. She laid Lanii n the front seat of her car and drove to a predetermined meeting spot with Lani's head in her lap.

After parking the car in the rear of an abandoned warehouse, Kim dragged Lani to the edge of the carseat by her ankles. She grabbed Lani by her wrists and pulled her up up towards her. Lani's head falling backwards as she does so. Lani's limp body fell across Kim's left shoulder this time. Kim carried her up a short flight of steps into a well kept room with a bed and a couple of chairs. Kim placed Lani on the bed and decided to do a little more carrying while she waited for the white slavers. She also decided she wanted to carry her nude. Kim turned Lani over on her side and unsnapped herbikini top. She removed the top, revealing Lani's magnificent breasts. After returning Lani to her back, Kim slipped her fingers inside Lani's bikini bottoms and slowly pulled them off. Kim knew she would be excited, but she was a little surprised on how aroused she was. Kim decided to do a little arm carrying. She slid her left arm under Lani's knees and her right arm under the middle of her back and gently lifted her off of the bed. Lani's head fell completely back, with her long, silky black hair almost touching the floor. Both of her arms also hung down towards the floor. Kim began carrying Lani around the room. She was getting turned on by watching Lani's head and arms bobbing slowly up and down as she walked. Kim lifted up on Lani's upper body by raising her right arm, letting Lani's head rest against her right breast for a moment. She then lowered her arm and again watched Lani's headfall backwards. Suddenly, a fairly large and very well built female form appeared in the doorway.

"I assume that's my new slave that you're carrying there".

"Uh, yes it is" Kim answered.

"She looks great" the woman said,"especially hanging unconscious in your arms". "By the way, my name is Sasha."

"Where's you're henchmen"? asked Kim.

"I can handle this one myself" Sasha said."You look pretty good yourself" Sasha exclaimed. "Frankly, when I heard you were a bodybuilder, I didn't think you would look this feminine".

"Thanks" said Kim.

" As a matter of fact", Sasha continued, "You look so good, this may require a change of plan".

"What do you mean" asked Kim. "Do you need a new partner"?

"Put Lani down and we''ll discuss it" said Sasha.

"Oh sure, my arms are getting tired anyway".

Kim walked over to the bed and dropped Lani's body onto it. However, as she turned around, Sasha cracked her in jaw with a closed right hand. Kim was stunned, but she didn't fall. Sasha then pulled a blackjack out of her back pocket.

"The change of plan is that you are going to be a slave too".

Kim tried to fight back, but she was still a little stunned from the punch and her arms were fatigued from carrying Lani, making it difficult for her to raise them. This made it easy for Sasha to hit Kim across the temple with the blackjack sending her to the floor unconscious. Sasha quickly administered a strong sedative to both girls via hypodermic syringe.

It was time to take her new trophys away. Lani would go to the van first. "I like to carry the petite ones in my arms" Sasha said as she scooped up Lani's still nude body. Lani's head and arms again hung down and her mouth was open. Sasha slowly carried her out of the room and down the steps, taking note of her head bouncing up and down. She had left the backdoor of the van open so all she had to do was place Lani inside. She couldn't resist fondling Lani's gorgeous breasts for a moment.

"You will definitely bring a huge price".

Sasha then closed the door and went back inside. She lifted Kim onto the bed for a closer look. As beautiful as Lani was, Sasha found herself more attracted to Kim. She remove Kim's bikini top andimmediately began fondling her breasts. "Most female bodybuilders don't have tits this nice" she said, as if Kim could actually hear her. She then removed Kim's bikini bottoms, turned her over on her stomach and began slowly massaging her firm ass and muscular legs. "Hell, I just may keep you for myself," Sasha said. She suddenly realized that she'd better get moving. After turning Kim over on her back, she put her right knee in between Kim's legs, grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her up and over her right shoulder. When Sasha turned around to head for the door, Kim's limp arms swung from side to side. Sasha had always loved the feeling of an unconscious,nude woman draped over her shoulder, but she took particular pleasure with a woman like Kim. "You're all mine now sweetheart" Sasha said as she carried Kim down the steps. As she approached the van, she saw the reflection in the window of Kim's inert body hanging over her shoulder and thought to herself what a beautiful sight it was. She also knew that it was a sight that she would be seeing many more times in the future. She opened the door and placed Kim's butt on thefloor of the van. As Kim's upper body slid off of her shoulder, Sasha placed her arms under Kim's armpits to catch her and then slowly guided her to the floor next to Lani. After closing the door, she took a look around to make sure no one else was around and then climbed into the drivers seat and sped away.

Another succussful transaction complete. This time with two victims instead of one.

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