"Iíll be there in about fifteen minutes," she told me over the phone.
"Iíll be waiting," I replied and hung up.

Boy, was I waiting. I had been waiting for this for a long time and now she was only minutes away from walking into my trap. I had invited her over for an innocent game of tennis, but there was no way she was getting anywhere near a tennis court today.

I immediately began to get things ready, putting the camera in an easy to setup position, putting my "special friend" in a hiding place, getting the candle and matches ready, and setting up a tv tray to place the candle on. Then I sat and waited, my heart pounding, my breathing quick and shallow. Relax, I told myself, we canít let her see you get too excited about this.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang, and my heart skipped a beat. This is it! I opened the door and there she stood in all her beauty. Long, blonde hair down to the middle of her back. 5 foot 7 inch beauty whose figure made every male take more than a few long looks. Blue eyes that matched well with a perfect tan, and legs that turned mine into rubber. She had a black half shirt on that was elastic at the bottom, so it covered her ample breasts and stopped right underneath them. It was pretty obvious that there was no bra on this body. She completed the outfit with tight black biker shorts that accentuated every curve so much, I almost started drooling just looking at her. The tightness of those shorts may give me problems, but iíll worry about that later.

"Hey Tom," she said, "ready to place some tennis?"
"Hey Stacy, just about. Come on in," I replied as I opened the door to beckon her in. "I just got us an opportunity to play at a real nice tennis club. Interested?" I asked.
- "Sure," she said, "how did you manage that?"
"I got a friend who works at a nice club and he may be able to get us in. Heís going to call me in about twenty minutes," I said. "I can wait if you can."
"Yeah, sure, no problem," she replied and I knew that I was halfway there. I almost smiled, but caught myself and told her to go ahead and sit down. She sat down and we chatted for about five minutes, and I waited for an opportunity when the talk was slowing down a little to spring it on her.

"Wait a minute," I said as if I just thought of it. "I need to do something and you could do me a big favor by helping me do it."
"Favor?" she asked. "Sure, what do you need?"

Yes, I thought to myself. I know this woman and sheís pretty openminded about things. Sheíll help me with this thing if for no other reason than to do a favor for me.

"A friend a mine called me a little while ago. I used to work with him, and he wants to see if Iíd be interested in coming to work for him. Heís a hypnotherapist."
"A hypnotherapist?" she asked.
"Yeah," I said, "I used to be one years ago. The thing is, Iím not sure if I could still do it. If you let me see if I could still do it by hypnotizing you, Iíd be real grateful."
"Ok," she said without a second thought, "howís it work?"
"Itís real easy," I said as I began to put tv tray in front of her. "Iíll just have you relax and weíll go from there."

I lit the candle and put it on the tray right at about the level of her eyes.
"Oh, do you mind if I record this?", I asked. "That way I can use this as part of my interview process."
"No, I donít mind." she said.

I pulled out the camera and set it on a tripod and looked at the image. The screen showed her from the waist up, and the candle. Perfect.

"Ok," I said while pulling up a chair to sit off to the side of her. A perfect view of her lovely face. "Now, I just want you relax and look at the flame. Take a deep breath." She did and her breasts rose and fell so beautifully that I was already hard. There was a slight smile on her face because she was slightly nervous, but that smile began to vanish as I implored her to relax.

"Relax, you feel sooo calm. Relaxed. Just focus on the flame and listen to my voice," I told her in a calm, soothing voice. "You feel so relaxed, so peaceful. Youíre feeling very relaxed, soooo relaxed. It feels sooo good to relax." Her eyes were transfixed on the flame, but they had not even blinked yet.

"You feel sooo relaxed that youíre feeling drowsy. Soooo warm and drowsy. Soooooo relaxed. Your eyelids are feeling heavy. Soooooo heavy." With that she blinked once, and then a couple of more times. I could see her trying to refocus.

"Just relax. You feel soooo drowsy. So drowsy that youíre getting sleepy. Your eyelids are feeling sooooo heavy. Sooooo sleepy. Your eyelids feel sooooo heavy. You feel sooooooo sleepy." Her eyes were getting heavy and they were still looking at the flame, but she did not even see it.

"Sooooooo heavy. Soooooo sleepy." Bingo, her eyes went from having that glazed look to halfway closed. Thatís where they stayed. "Sooooooo sleepy. You feel soooooooo sleepy. You feel sooooooooo tired." Her eyes were definitely fluttering now. Closing, then half closed, closed, half closed. She was going under, and I was getting excited.

"Sooooooooo sleepy. You feel sooooooo sleepy Stacy." The eyes fluttering more rapidly. As much as I liked watching that, I knew I had continue. "Sleep," I said. Her eyes closed, tried to reopen a couple of times, but couldnít do it. "Sleep. Sleep. Sleep."

"Can you hear me, Stacy?" I asked. She nodded. "Good. In a moment, I will ask you count back from ten. As you do, you will feel yourself getting more relaxed and going into a deeper sleep. Do you understand?" She nodded.

"Now," I said, "count back from ten." She began counting and I went over to get my "special friend".
"Three, two one," she stopped.
"Good," I said. "You are now in a deep state of hypnosis. You will only hear my voice and do everything I ask of you. Do you understand?" I asked. She nodded. (Now I know that many of you are thinking that Iíll tell her to take off her clothes and jump on me, but weíre talking a serious, deep hypnosis to accomplish that. Iím not capable of getting her that deep.)

"Good," I said. "Now Iím going to let you smell a perfume. You will love the smell of this perfume and as you smell it, you will feel yourself going into a deeper sleep. Do you understand?" She nodded.

"Good," I said, as I began to pour my "special friend" into a cloth. (My "special friend", by the way, is something I call sleepy juice. You may know it more commonly as chloroform.) I placed the cloth as close to her lips as possible without touching them.

"Now. Take a deep breath and smell the perfume." Again those breasts rose as she took in a deep breath of the chloroform. "Good. It smells soo good. You feel soooo relaxed. "Now I want to focus on your breathing. The proper breathing will get us more relaxed. So, when I tell you to breathe in, you take a deep breath. Do you understand?" She nodded.

"Breathe in," I said, and she took a deep breath. "Breathe out." I paused a second. "Breathe in. Breathe out." Pause a second. "Breathe in. Breathe out." I had her do that for about a minute, then I decided to switch tactics. I knew that in her relaxed state, it was going to take longer for the chloroform to kick in, so I decided to move to a different method to change it up a little.

"Good," I said. "Now Iím going to ask you to count back from one hundred. As you do, you will smell the perfume and go into a deeper and deeper sleep. Do you understand?" She nodded.

"Now count back from one hundred," I told her. She began at one hundred and started counting backwards. As she did, I put more of the chloroform into the cloth and put it right up to her lips.
"92, 91, 90."
"Stop," I told her, "take a deep breath." She did, and I told her to continue.

I continued to have her breathe deeply at each multiple of ten, and she got to zero. Ok, I thought, letís try it again. I told her to begin counting back from one hundred again, and she began. I did the same process with her, and then I started noticing something when she got to the seventies. I could see that she was having a hard time keeping her head up. Her head was slumped onto her chest, with my cloth in between the two. She kept counting, but I can see the chloroform beginning to take effect.
"27, 26..... 25........... 24.....................2-."
"Three," I said.
"23, 22...21..........."
"Stacy," I said, "count back from sixty."
"60, 59, 58..57.......56..................5-."
"Five," I said
"Two," I said.
No reply.
"Two," I repeat
No reply. This could be it, I thought. I slowly lifted my hand and placed it on her breast and gave it a little squeeze. Ohhh, did it feel good.

"Stacy, can you hear me?" I asked. A slight nod. Oh, Oh. "Count back from thirty."

"Stacy, can you hear me?" I asked again. Nothing. I poured more of the chloroform into my cloth and held it right under her nose. "Stacy, can you hear me?" No response. Perfect. I smiled and put that cloth right against her lips and held it there for a few seconds. No response. I lifted her eyelids and saw her eyes just glazing. She was out.

"Thank you Stacy," I told her. "You just sleep tight and Iíll make sure youíre taken care of."

The next thing to do was to take her to my bedroom. If I was going to take this woman, I was not going to take her on the couch. It was off to my bed for her. Now, lifting an unconscious woman off a couch seems easy, but it wasnít. I was having a hard time getting her in my arms. There was only one thing to do. I waited until she started coming around a little bit and asked her, "Do you want to go lay down?" She nodded.

"Ok," I said, pouring more chloroform into my cloth. "Letís see if you can stand up." I helped her to her feet. She was definitly out of it. I positioned her, standing her straight up and put one of my arms around her waist. Her eyes were closed and she would not have been standing if I had not been holding her up.

"Good," I told her. "Now, just relax." I put the cloth right over her mouth and held her there for a few moments. There was no struggle just a brief sigh and she went totally limp on me. I held her standing, and in a quick motion, I bent down and let her waist bend over my shoulders. I straightened up and there she was, slung over my shoulders. Her limp body felt beyond incredible. Her hair fell down in a cascade as her hands swung whenever I took a step. I walked over to my bedroom and admired the image in the full-length mirror. I caresssed those beautiful toned legs and grabbed that firm ass. I was beyond excited now.

I gently laid her down on the bed. I held her head as I began to put her in a lying position. She looked beyond hot while asleep. As I put her head back, I kissed her lips and massaged her breasts. She was going to be out for a while, I was going to make sure of that. I ran back and got my cloth and bottle of chloroform and came back to my room and stood at the foot of the bed. Admiring the sheer beauty of this woman and thankful that she was willing to help me fulfill my deepest fantasy.

I took off her shoes and threw them aside. I left the socks on. (Iím not a foot guy.) I ran my hands up and down those beautiful legs. I lifted one off the bed and held it. The limpness in it drove me crazy.

"Stacy, can you hear me?" I asked. A very slight nod. That wonít do, as I put the cloth over her mouth. I repeated the question. No reponse. Good. I next went to the breasts. So beautiful slowly rising and falling, as she slumbered peacefully. I lifted that half shirt and gazed at their beauty. So ample and yet so firm. I sat her up to see how they looked when she stood, and the cleavage was incredible. I had been right. They were firm. I began to lick them and then suck on them. Oh, was this chick fine. I laid her back down and went for her shorts. They came off a lot easier than I thought. There she lay on my bed, asleep and wearing only a dark blue set of panties that covered up only what was necessary. I slid those off her as I carressed her legs and thighs. A slight sigh escaped her lips and I immediately grabbed the cloth and held it to her lips.

"Stacy, can you hear me?" I asked. Nothing. "Good, because I want you to stay asleep until Iím done with you." I then bent down and picked her limp body off the bed. Holding her in my arms as her head was flung back and her breasts staring me right in the face was paradise. I walked over to the mirror and admired the way she looked in my arms. My hopes were fulfilled. Her tan was even, running the entire length of her body. Not a spot anywhere. She sunbathed in the nude. I walked back over to the bed and gently laid her down. It was time for heaven. I spread her legs and I went down to kiss her clit. Ohhhh, did it taste good. I continued nibbling and sucking as I massaged her legs. Then a funny thing happened. She started getting wet. I was under the impression that a woman under anesthesia would not get wet. Apparently, she was out, but not totally out. She was drugged enough not to know what was going on, but not drugged so much that she wasnít responsive.

This was perfect. Now I can probably push myself into her without hurting her. So, when she wakes up, she wonít ask whoís been mounting her. So, I got up and pulled off my shorts and sat next to her. I began to play with her clit and suck on her breasts. I asked her if she can hear me, but got no response. In the meantime, she was getting wetter and wetter. She got so wet that I was able to stick my finger inside her.

"Stacy, can you hear me?" I asked. Nothing. So I slowly got between her legs and gently pushed myself into her. "Stacy? Stacy?" I asked. There was no reply but was getting really wet. I held the cloth in my hand just in case, but I had a feeling I wouldnít need it. Pushing slowly, but surely. She became wet enough to slide myself all the way in. Ohhhhhhh, I canít believe it. Ahhhhhhhh, this is total pleasure. I was getting near to climax, but before I did. I put the cloth over her lips and said, "Sleep, Stacy, sleep." That did it. I released everything I had inside her. I kept pushing. "Oh, Stacy. Oh Stacy," I moaned. I licked her breasts some more and massaged her legs, and then I was done.

I got off her and told her, "I wish we could do this more often." I massaged her body some more and then I knew I had to end this fantasy. I went to the restroom and got a cloth. I cleaned her up and dressed her quickly. I didnít want to give her another dose of sleepy juice. Unfortunately, she started coming around when I was halfway done. So I put the cloth over her lips and told her to relax. She did. When I had her all dressed, I positioned her body in a way I can easily pick her up. I was definitely weakened. I then slung her over my shoulders and walked over to the mirror for one last look. Total perfection. I then carried her to the couch and gently set her down. I then went and washed all the chloroform off the cloth and put both items away. All I had to do now was wait. As I waited, I carressed those breasts and even lifted her shirt up to kiss them for perhaps the last time. The whole thing had lasted over three hours.

She started to stir. "Stacy," I said, "can you hear me?"

She started to move her head and moaning a little bit.

"What, what happened?" she asked groggily.
"Are you okay?" I asked with a very concerned look on my face.
"Uhhh, I feel kind of sick. Can I have some water?" she asked.
"Sure," I replied running to get her a glass. "How are you doing?" I asked while handing her the water.
"What happened?" she asked again, while she tried to open her eyes.
"I hypnotized you, but I couldnít get you out of it. You had me scared," I told her.
"I feel like Iím hungover," she said.
"Thatís a common side effect when youíre in a real deep hypnosis," I said.
"Why?" she asked while rubbing her head.
"Itís just like a hangover because what alcohol does is depress your system so much that getting back to your original state causes the hangover effect. Your whole system was shut down so much that it canít take getting back to normal. With hypnosis, your whole system was shut down. Now that youíre waking up, youíre bodyís having a hard time adjusting."
"Oh," she said. She looked at me and said, "you look like youíve been through a hard time yourself. Youíre sweating and everything."
"You had me frightened," I told her. "I thought I couldnít pull you out. Are you going to be alright?"

She moved her head a couple of times and stood up.

"Whoa, yeah. Iíll be alright. How long was I out for?"
"Three hours," I told her.
"Three hours!!!" she said. "I got to get going home. Iíve got things I got to do."
"Iím sorry," I told her. "That was not suppose to happen."

She was getting her purse and pulling out her keys. "Donít worry about it," she said as she got up and tried to walk around.

"Boy, I feel wierd," she said. "Iím sorry it didnít work out for you."

Oh it worked out for me, I thought.

"Itís okay. As long as youíre going to be alright," I said.
"Yeah, Iíll be fine," she said. "Itís already wearing off."

She clutched her keys. "Look, Iím sorry I got to run off. Maybe we can play tennis some other day. Okay?"
"Definitely. Give me a call."
"Okay," she said while walking towards the door. I opened it for her and walked her to her car. She got in and I closed the door.

"Again, Iím sorry about that," I told her.
"No donít worry about it," she said. "Iím just sorry we didnít get to play tennis. Weíll play soon. Bye."

I told her goodbye, and she drove away. I walked back into my house, a smile on my face, and a new video to watch. A replay of this daysí events.

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