A Simple Proposition
A Simple Proposition

He stared across the cafeteria at her, not being allowed to remove his eyes from her lovely body. He couldnít understand why he had such strong feelings for her. Between her conceited attitude, her refusal to befriend him just because he was not considered "cool," how she would occasionally use him for homework (he of course could never stand up to her and say no), or just because he did not stand a chance at going out with such a beauty regardless of the above, there were so many reasons for him not to like her, he couldnít quite grasp why he loved her; but, he admitted, it may have just been a major crush. Regardless, he concluded he had the feelings he did for two reasons. First, she was the most beautiful person at their college; every other female paled in comparison to her. Second, he saw underneath all her imperfections a sweet, insecure girl who was afraid to come out and he thought, given the chance, he could change all that.

Just the other day, he made the mistake of revealing his feelings for Cameron to a couple of his friends. He had enough of keeping his fantasies to himself and thought he could trust Tom, Mike, Ben, and Stephanie. He regretted his decision since. As soon as they heard this they all burst into laughter thinking it was a joke, or even if there was some truth to it, nothing as serious as it was. After a few minutes when they realized Chris was actually serious, they stopped laughing and changed their attitude Ė for about a second! Ever since then, they had been constantly tormenting him: cracking jokes, telling him to ask her out, all the things expected from a few friends.

Well, he had enough he decided just as he was taking a bite out of his turkey sandwich and mayonnaise squirted out of it.

"Thatís disgusting Chris, next time you give some one a blow job and you decide to spit, do so where we arenít around; I think I am going to puke!" exclaimed a disgusted Tom to a hysterical table.

"Cheating on Cameron? I might have to warn her that you havenít been loyal to her. You should treat your women better Chris, you know how us females hate our guys cheating on us.," remarked Stephanie as the table, once again, broke into hysterics.

"Shut up you guys," screamed an angry Chris, " Iíve had enough, I am going to fuckin ask her out, right here, right now! Just you watch!"

"SureÖ.you do that and Iíll buy your lunch tomorrow, I may even be willing to include that special ingredient," an excited Ben whispered to Chris.

"Youíre all a bunch of assholesÖ.." remarked Chris as he quickly walked off.

But, as soon as he got away from his table reality took a hold of him and he slowed up. What was he thinking? Asking her out, let alone asking her out in front of all her friends. There was no way she was going reply in the affirmative.

"Jesus, what have they got me into," he thought as he slowly, very slowly, approached Cameronís table.

Cameron noticed him approaching her table and let out a weak hello. Chris wanted to book off right there, he knew how this was going to end. But how he couldn't back down now, he came this far he might as well finish what he started. He'll show his friends he that he wasn't a coawrd, that he had guts. And besides, he figured, the worst she could say was no, damn, she needed someone to do her calculus homework for her; she sure as hell wasn't going to do it herself and she wouldn't want to burn her bridges.

He never expected her to react as strongly and viciously as she did! She just burst out laughing and starting talking to her friends, not even to him, on how stupid he was. How he thought she would actually go out with a loser like him. Jeez, the only reason she was ever nice to him was so she could use him for doing her homework.

And with that Chris walked away completely humiliated, wanting to jump off the face of the planet. His face so was so red that as he walked past his friends they knew not to crack any jokes, they just let him go on his way. All, that is, except for Stephanie, who unbeknown to Chris had a major crush on him. She followed him all the way to his apartment (they were all sophomores so they were no longer living on campus). As he walked in to his apartment Stephanie called out to Chris, who just hurried into his place and closed the door on her. However, he forgot to lock the door and Stephanie followed him in. She found him lying on his bed.

After the initial comforting stages ("How are you," "Youíll get over her," etc.) she decided it was time to get more personal with him. She had previously stayed somewhat distant from Chris in hopes that he would be the person to make the moves on her, but now she decided she would the aggressive one.

"Listen Chris, I have something to tell you. And if you respond positively towards this I then have a proposition for you that might make you feel a little better about this situation."

"Yeah, well Iím listening."

"This is kind of hard for me to say this so please be open minded and patient with me, okay? Since about the beginning of this year I have had feelings for youÖÖ"

"Feelings? What kind of feelings? Like what I felt for Cameron?"

"Kind ofÖ.well yeah, those kind of feelings. I know you have had your mind set on Cameron since Freshman year, but now since she is no longer an issue I was hoping you might consider me."

"As a girlfriend? This is kind of quick, donít you think?"

"I just figured if the feelings are there, they are there, if they arenít, they are not."

"I need a moment to gather my thoughts and to think about this Stephanie. Jeez, I just got my dick chopped off by Cameron a half hour ago! (laughs) Just give me a minute, would you mind getting a drink or something to eat in the kitchen for a minute?"

"I just ate. But yeah, Iíll go watch some television or something. Call me when you make up your mind."

It took Chris a little while to get his mind focused, he had a million things going through his head. Eventually, he was able to focus on Stephanie and what he should do. He decided he would accept her offer. Although he had never thought about Stephanie in this manner before, he had always thought she was very attractive, as she was, and now realized how truly attractive she was. He must have been blind, crazy, stupid, or a combination of those three for not noticing this earlier; already he was excited to be going out with her, and feeling better from his earlier rejection. He then called Stephanie in, who came almost immediately

"So, youíve reached a decision Chris?"

"I have. I would definitely be interested in being your boyfriend. Why didn't you tell me earlier? I know my mind was set on Cameron then, but maybe if I realized you were interested I would have switched my attention to you? I mean I canít believe this, I am truly excited to be going out with you Stephanie."


And she gave him a huge embrace which he reciprocated with a tender kiss on the lips.

"This is so great, I have been dreaming of this day forever, or so it seems. I have some things I have to tell you to make our relation the fullest it can be. Do you want to discuss these issue before I give you my proposition or after?"

"Well, I am just happy to be going out with you; I donít think I really care about Cameron anymore."

"But you should want to get back at her regardless of your sexual feelings for her. You should want to get revenge just because of how she treated you."

"Now, that you reminded me of that. Youíre right, I donít know how I could face the school if I donít fight back. But I would rather discuss your issues first, as I have some of my own.

"Okay, who wants to go first?"

"You can if you want."

"Okay, this is a bit harder for me to say then asking you out. UmmmÖ.. well I think that it is only fair that I tell you this before handÖÖ.I kind of have a fantasy towards carrying women as well as being carried by others - men and women. And I think I should tell you that I need this to be an important part of foreplay for me in our relationship."

"Really?! Holy shit, what are the chances of this? I actually have the same fantasies, just minus the being carried. I donít know if I had any intentions of telling you this so soon but since you mentioned it first."

And with that Chris quickly threw Stephanie over his shoulders and started towards the bathroom. Stephanie was eager to tell Chris of her proposition which she now thought he would surely except and starting mildly hitting his back and kicking her legs.

"Put me down Chris, we got to talk. I still have to tell you my plans for revenge."

"That can wait. I know you like this!"

"Yes, but this can wait. Now, put me down."

Just as he got to the bathroom he put Stephanie down. But not before he caught a quick glance -- there would be longer ones in the not to distant future -- of Stephanieís legs and ass perched on his shoulders.

"So, what is this plan you have?"

"Okay, hear me out. I say we kidnap her. You know she could never call the cops when we release her as that would hinder her popularity in the school. Being kidnapped by two Ďlosers,í all her Ďfriendsí would leave her and she couldnít live with that. She needs to be with the Ďiní crowd."

"Sounds great, but itís crazy. How exactly do we kidnap her without her making any noise to draw any attention to the situation?"

"Easy, I can obtain some chloroform from my lab. It will work out, believe me. The fact that we will both get turned on by this will make it easier for us because all the apprehension we may have will be turned into excitement!"

"Okay, tell me your plan and it better be good."

"Fortunately, she has her own little house to herself. So, I figure tomorrow night is a Wednesday and you guys have a major test on Thursday in Calculus, right? Well, now that you canít do her work for her she will have to do some studying herself. No one can give her the answers ahead of time since the college has been so damn strict since the Wilson incident, and no one will tutor her because she is such a witch. You only did it because you were listening to your dick."

"Ha, ha, very funny."

"Anyway, We go over to her house and pay her a friendly little visit. We bring her back to my place since my roommate is visiting her parents this week due to a family illness, and we have our fun. We eventually bring Cameron back to her place and we accomplished our little task. Easy as that."

"I guess it could work. Just make sure you donít get caught stealing the chloroform."


"So, you did you get it Stephanie?"

"Of course I did. Iím so fuckin phyched about this. Just think, in an hour we will be carrying an unconscious Cameron Thomson around! Oh man, it feels like I took 5 ecstacyís !"

"I know just what youíre talking about. All day I couldnít keep still. I saw Cameron walking today and I just kept thinking about tonight, I never felt so good!"

"Well, letís get going we could talk more in the car. I just canít wait any longer."

After a long, intimate kiss they stepped into the sedan and sped off on their way to Cameronís house.

Their excitement took control of them and they failed to notice how fast they were driving. About half-way there Chris noticed the blinking red and blue lights that were following them. He pointed this out to Stephanie and she reluctantly pulled over to the side of the road. The copper went up to the driverís side window and starting lecturing Stephanie. Stephanie, although she was starting to panic and feared the plans for the evening might be ruined, did a good job making it appear as if she was truly sorry. It appeared to Chris that the officer found Stephanie to be quite the catch and let them off with a warning. With that mess cleared up they were now even more eager to get to Stephanieís; it was hard but Stephanie drove the rest of the way their only a few miles above the speed limit.

As they started driving down Stephanieís street, much to their delight was for all practical purposes deserted of other homes, they realized that something was a little fishy. As they got closer they deepest fears were made true; she had some friends over. It appeared that there were three cars in the driveway and side of the street. They knew the cars to be of three of Cameronís "in" friends; all who were at the table when she humiliated Chris just yesterday.

Stephanie was ready to come back another night and act out the plan. Chris wasnít and he sensed Stephanie, although she was claiming otherwise, was also excited at the possibility that lay before them.

"Imagine carrying all those sleeping beauties Stephanie. When else will an opportunity such as this present itself to us? And, I now that I think about it, Cameron isnít the only one I want to get back at. Her friends just laughed at Cameronís jokes and I heard them commenting on me as I walked away; I need to get back at them too! Címon, please you got to do this; if not for you then me."

"Donít you think this is a little risky? How are we going to kidnap them all without one or two running away screaming for help? And how do we know there are only four girls there? There could be some guys or some more females in who got driven?

"Well as to whether it is risky or not. Yeah, it is a little riskier then our previous plan. But all we have to do is catch the girls when they are solo; that way no one will know until it is too late. If there are some male friends, yeah I agree, we should then bolt. But the more females the better."

"You know? I canít help but think of you eating that turkey sandwich and all that mayonnaise squirting out from the sides and laugh; and to think, that is the same person who is planning on kidnapping a bunch of college girls."

"That was a little random, donít you think? I canít help but think of that time when our history 101 teacherÖ.what was his name?Ö.never mindÖÖanyway, when he told the class that we had to pay him five bucks a pop if we wanted an ĎAí in the class and you took him seriously! You know, the word Ďgullibleí isnít in the dictionary."

"Okay, okay, very funny. How are we going to find out who is in the house?"

"Letís look through the window and see."

Slowly and quietly the exited the car and walked over to Cameronís house where the lights were on. They could hear a bunch of girls talking and laughing with a television on in the background. As they looked in they saw the whole party; Cameron and her three friends: Meghan, Emily, and Brittany. All were attractive, Cameron being the most attractive of them all, and all were wearing their outfits they had worn earlier that day in school. Cameron was wearing tight, worn out blue jeans with a white tank top tucked into her pants. God, Chris was glad he was going to college in Florida! Meghan was wearing here gray corduroy pants and blackish/grayish Abercombe sweater. Emily was wearing her blue mesh shorts and a white Dave Mathews Band T-shirt. And then there was Brittany who was wearing her black Adidas warm up pants and orange Wu-Tang T-shirt.

"Looks great to me!"

"Hey, watch that. You got to remember youíre with me now; all you males are such pigs. But, you are right, everything looks great! I canít wait. My body feels like it is going to explode, Iím more excited now then I was before."

"I know, me too. Now, how do we go about this plan? Do we knock on the door, go through a window, look for an open door, what?"

"Letís look for an open window on the far side of the house; that way they wonít hear us. Hopefully, we will be near a closet and a bathroom. We could get our first "catch" on her way out of the bathroom."

"Yeah, we donít want them holding anything in!"

Excitedly, they walked to the opposite end of Cameronís house and found a nice sized window to get in through. Chris volunteered to go first, him being the chauvinistic male and all, and made a successful and quiet entrance. He almost had a heart attack when he thought he heard some people walking towards him, but realized it was just his imagination running wild. Next came Stephanie who also made a successful and quiet entrance. They made a quick scope of the area of the house the were in and realized how much luck they were having. There was a bathroom and a closet right across from it. How much luckier could they get they wondered.

They decided they would actually hide in the bathroom because they decided it offered them a few advantaged. One, sooner or later they would all need to wash up before bed. Most likely they would come in one at a time and they would easily chloroform the lucky female into submission. There was the possibility that two females would come in, there wasnít much room for any more then two. Two wouldnít be ideal but Stephanie and Chris would not be outnumbered and they had the advantage of having the chloroform to put them off into dreamland. The other advantage was that Cameronís bedroom was located at the farthest end of the house. In order for any of the girls to get to the room they had to pass the bathroom. When one of them did, Chris or Stephanie could either follow them into the room or bring force them into the bathroom.

So, they gathered in the bathroom, closing the door just enough that it would give them some cover if more then two of the girls walked by but not enough to cause attention to. Anxiously, they awaited the first girls stroll towards the bathroom or bedroom. However, after a half hour no one came and they began to get restless. The first thirty minutes they sat in silence, to nervous and excited to speak. They tried standing still but couldnít. But after the first thirty minutes were over they started to calm down and started talking. After a while they realized that they had failed you decide who was going to chloroform who; each would share in the carrying of course, but they wanted to split the initial attacks evenly. Chris wanted Cameron and Stephanie agreed, feeling it only proper that it was what Cameron did to him that got them into this situation. Stephanie then chose Emily because she had a confrontation with her back at the Freshman Orientation that she wanted pay back for. Chris then chose Meghan which worked well because Stephanie wanted Brittany. Now they were ready.

As they started back into a casual conversation about music, they heard the first of a series of footsteps that were coming that way. Who was it? And how would they go about knocking them out? Would the go to the bathroom or to the bedroom? A million thoughts were entering their heads.

Suddenly the door started to open and then stopped before who ever it was entered. They heard her call out to her friends that she would be back in a second, she just needed to come her hair for a minute. Chris instantly recognized the voice to be Meghanís and got his chloroform dampened cloth accessible, as Stephanie moved into the shower room top hide. His body was ready to explode, it seemed like some out of body force was taking control of him for he barely knew what was happening. He took a quick glance at Stephanie as and saw she was feeling the same emotions that he was, and she was just going to watch this attack!

As soon as the door closed Chris sprung into action before Meghan could let out a scream. When Meghan looked up from closing the door, she immediately saw Chris. Just as she was about to cry for help, a white cloth prevented her from allowing any noise to escape other then a muffled "mmmppphhh." She continued to try to scream but to no avail. She tried fighting off her assailant but quickly felt her body becoming more and more weak. Soon, her arms and legs stopped giving much of a fight and she felt her eyes getting heavier. Next thing she knew, everything went black.

Chris had seen Megís eyes roll back and her body go completely limp and new she was asleep. He carefully, to avoid making any suspicious noise, guided Meghanís sleeping body to the floor. He looked up and saw Stephanie with a big smile, staring at him and then at Meghan.

"One down and three to go; hopefully the next person to come will be one of mine. Preferably Brittany, as I want to save Emily for last if possible. You remember what she did to me during Freshman Orientation?"

"Oh yeah, I think that was when I first met you. When she made fun of your attire and you were completely crushed, I remember I tried comforting you. You, of course, wanted no part of that and rudely told me to Ďfuck off.í"

"Címon, give me a break why donít you. I had just been completely humiliated before the first day of college. What did you expect, me to embrace you and pretend me were best friends?"

"No, but a little common courtesy would have been nice; I did go out of my way to try to be nice to you."

"Yeah, well Iím sorry; howís that. Does this make it up to you?"

And with that she started making out with him; getting into the situation, he maneuvered his hands into her shirt and start fondling her luscious breasts. And with that, Stephanie quickly ended that little fling.

"Letís hurry, we got to hide Meg in the closet before someone else comes looking for her or something."

"Come on, in a minute. We were just starting to have fun! What, are you a prude or something?"

"Prude?! Ha, just wait Ďtill later and youíll see thatís not the case at all."

"Okay, fine. Iíll put Meghan in the closet."

Quickly and gracefully Chris scooped Meghan up in his arms; the image of him cradling Meghan reminded him of the Heather Locklear carry in The Swamp Thing. He quietly opened the bathroom door and peeked out to see if anyone was around. Fortunately, and he carried Meghan into the closet. He hated having to put her down, and almost couldnít as he took one last glimpse of Meghan sprawled out in his arms, but he finally forced himself to and quickly returned to Stephanie.

"Donít worry, there will be plenty more carrying later."

" I know. You know what the funny thing is? Iím not much of an arm carry fan; they donít do much for me at all. I think I was just excited at the prospects that this night brings us."

"So, I take it then that you are an over-the-shoulder fan, right? Then why didnít you carry Meg into the closet over your shoulder?"

"That way was quicker basically. I donít think we should enjoy ourselves until all of them are taken care of. The more cautious we are until then the better."

Stephanie agreed and they waited for the next girl to come down the hall. The wait did not take that long as shortly after they heard Brittany call out to Meghan asking if she got lost in the bathroom. After Brittany received no response, she starting walking towards the bathroom her self, asking again if she (Meghan) was all right. There was still no response as she got to the door. To her surprise the door was slightly ajar so she decided to peek in and see what was going on.

Stephanie was ready as Brittany walked in calling for Meghan. Stephanie quickly went after Brittany getting behind her and placing the chloroform soaked cloth over her mouth and nose. Brittany was clearly caught by surprise and let out a muffled scream; while at the same time took in a deep breath. The effects were quite apparent as her eyes became very groggy and she became weak very quickly. Her screams became softer, and eventually her eyes began to flutter and she let out a final moan and passed out.

Stephanie kept the cloth clamped over Brittanyís face for a couple extra seconds and then finally removed it. As she did, she guided Brittany to the floor and placed the cloth back in the zip-locked back and into her pocket. She then looked over the unconscious body of Brittany and starting thinking on how well this night was playing out. Quickly, she bent down and lifted Brittany up in her arms and began to bring her to the closet.

However, just as she was about to exit the room, she heard Cameron and Emily walking. Quickly, she froze. She hoped they would return to where ever it was that they came from, for standing in one spot with Brittany in her arms, neck draped, and arms out, would eventually start to get heavy. She was afraid if she put her down it would make noise and the girls would check up on Brittany and Meghan. So she just stood there trying to listen to what they were talking about; hoping it had nothing to do that involved their two sleepy heads. Fortunately, they just wanted to get something to eat from the kitchen. Stephanie would have liked them to have gone a little faster but wasnít about to complain; at least they hadnít been discovered.

Stephanie gave them a minute to get comfortable as soon as they returned to their original nesting place before she hurriedly put Brittany into the closet. She decided to be a little creative and position the two friends so that they were sitting up and their heads bent over resting on each other. While doing that she noticed how Meghanís right hand was coincidentally positioned so her palm was face up. She did not know why, but that turned her on. She then positioned Brittanyís left hand so her palm was face up too. She took a quick glance and went back to the bathroom with Chris.

"So, do you want to go after Cameron and Emily at the same time?"

"No, not unless forced to, I just think we should be as cautious as possible Chris. Part of the enjoyment is watching the other at work, donít you think? As much enjoyment that chloroforming Brittany gave me, I also got pretty hot watching you knock out Meghan."

"True, but stillÖ..Anyway, we never really talked about our fantasies. You know I am a over the shoulder carry fan and I bet you have reached the assumption that I am a sleepy fan too. I am guessing you are a sleepy fan too by your careful positioning of those two in the closet."

"Yeah, I am. However, I find the carry to be the most important and erotic thing. Like you, I am more over an over the shoulder carry fan, especially when itís me being carried, but I do enjoy a arm carry here and there. I like the variety that offers."

"Man, I canít wait until Cameron walks down the hall. Hey, you know whatÖ.."

But at that moment he heard some footsteps coming in their direction. He then heard the Cameron tell Emily that she was going to see what the other two were up to and get something from her room, a surprise.

"A surprise, yeah sheíll be getting one of those!" whispered Chris to Stephanie.

Cameron just then walked by the bathroom an into her room, closing the door behind her. Chris made sure that Emily was not in site and quietly went towards Cameronís room. Just as he was about to open the door and go in, Cameron opened it from the other side. In a daze, she walked into Chris, who at the time was reaching into his pocket for the chloroformed soaked cloth. It took her a little while to grasp that Chris was in her house, uninvited, and that few moments benefited Chris as he was able to get the cloth and from the front place it over her nose and mouth; like the rest she put out a muffled scream and continued to do so. As he did that, he grabbed her hands and held down as to avoid her from trying to grab the cloth away, and pushed her into the room. Her bed happened to be in the way and as he pushed her farther into the room they fell onto the bed. As they fell, Chris managed to keep is grip on the cloth but her hands escaped his grip. It was evident the sweet smelling vapors were beginning to take a toll on her as her attempts to break free where becoming to get weaker and less effective. She had decided to grab for his hands in an effort to pull the cloth away but she was very weak. He eyes starting getting heavy and her cries began to get softer. He looked at her eyes and saw they began to flutter open and shut; she was not giving in easily. At last, her hands fell limply to her side, she let out that final moan, and her eyes rolled back. Cameron finally passed out.

Just then noticed that all was not quiet in the house; it sounded as though there was a fight outside Cameronís room in the hall. He left Cameron for a second and looked out to the hall to notice Emily and Stephanie in the midst of a little cat fight. Chris assumed they made he and Cameron made too much noise as they tripped and fell on the bed and Emily came to investigate. Stephanie did not have her chloroformed cloth accessible so he figured it happened all to quick for her to prepare. He lapsed out of his thoughts by the voice of Stephanie screaming at him.

"What are you doing, help me here!"

Remembering how much Stephanie wanted to revenge Emily for what she did to her, he decided he would just get Emily off her and allow Stephanie the honors. He did so and threw his cloth over to Stephanie. He held Emilyís arms behind her back to allow an easy chloroforming for Stephanie.

Stephanie got up and wasted no time. She placed the cloth over Emilyís face and held it there. Emily tried to fight it but to no avail. Just put out a muffled scream and tried to break out of Chrisís tight hold but to no avail. She became weaker and then decided another tactic. Instead of fighting and using her energy up, she decided to hold her breath.

"Youíre gonna have to breathe sooner or later Emily. Your choice," smirked an overly excited Stephanie.

All Emily could do to reply was let out a "mmmppphh" and with that starting putting up another fight. As she became weaker she gave just gave up; her eyes closed and her body went limp. Stephanie then walked over to Chris and took control of Emilyís body. She place her hands under Emilyís arm-pits and dragged her into Cameronís room, throwing her on the bed. Knowing the first part was over with and they could now have fun she let out a sigh of immense joy and relief. The fun was about to begin.

Chris new it to and when Stephanie looked over him he looked like a lost soul, not having a clue what his next step was going to be. The evening was filled with possibilities and he, nor Stephanie, knew exactly where to begin the festivities.

"So Chris, what do you want to do first?"

"I donít know; do you want to just bring them back to your apartment or do you want to play with them here?"

"I donít know. But I am thinking that we donít have to bring them anywhere; what is wrong with here? No one else is going to come over tonight as its well past midnight, the street is deserted, and they are all knocked out? The risk is probably greater bringing her over to my hub."

"Yeah, you have a point there. But, we have the video camera at your place all set up. Do you think we could find one here?"

"I donít know; even if we can it is probably just an extra hassle Iíd rather not deal with. Thatís a good point, letís transport them over to my place. But first, lets bring Meghan and Brittany in here first, I did bring my camera along with me and I figure we might as well use it. This will really wet our appetites for later."

"Why later? I am ready to start enjoying myself now! I mean now that they are all asleep we can just enjoy the situation. Weíre gonna have to carry them to and from the cars prior to arriving in your den."

"True, but I was talking about the fun in the apartment, the real fun."

"Okay, your point is taken. Iím just saying, I going to enjoy all of this, as well as what just went down. But, letís forget this. Iím ready for the fun."

And with that they quickly headed for the closet where Meghan and Brittany were at the moment being stored. As they opened the door they noticed Brittany to be in the position Stephanie had left her in but Meghan was beginning to wake up and had her hands rubbing her eyes. She looked up and saw them gazing down at her but was to weak to really scream or move; what good would it have done even if she could?

"How you feeling Meghan? Have a nice nap? Hope so because itís time for you to take another one;" smirked Chris.

As Meghan was trying to find any amount of strength to do something Chris ousted the cloth from his pocket. He thought that some of the chloroform may have evaporated or been used up and asked Stephanie for the chloroform bottle. She obliged his request and he carefully poured the anesthetic onto the cloth. He gave Stephanie the bottle back and she followed suit. Meghan had received enough strength during the process to be able to speak.

"Please, do put me to sleep again; Iíll be good I promise."

"Sorry Meg, if I were to allow you to stay conscious the I would be defeated the whole purpose of this visit. So, sleepy time."

And with that the chloroform drenched cloth descended upon Meghanís face. She was very weak and was unable to put up much of a fight. Very quickly her eyes started closing and she once again passed out. After she was out he place the cloth over Brittanyís face; he knew she was out but figured this would keep her out that much longer.

With that accomplished it was decided upon, to make things easier, that Chris was in charge of Cameron and Meghan for the night while Stephanie was in charge of Emily and Brittany. Chrisís first decision was to carry Meghan into Cameronís room over his shoulders. He bent down and grabbed Meghanís arms and lifted her up, having her lean on the wall to support her sleeping body. As he got her into position her head draped downward and her mouth was slightly ajar; he took a minute to take the moment in before he got to work. Finally, he bent down, and guiding her body by holding onto her left, and placed her over his right shoulders. As she landed , he let go of her hand and stood upright. As he did so he could feel the dangling of her arms as they swung around. He placed his hands on her beautiful thighs, one on each leg, and was ready to go.

"Wait a sec, let me take a picture! This is too good a shot to pass up on."

"Good idea, man, I canít believe how good this feels. I wish I could see myself right now! From the limited view I get, her ass looks incredible, her legs feel great, and I can just feel her arms dangling about limply back there as I moveÖ.."

"Smile for the camera!"

"Iím going to put her next to Cameron and Emily; when I come back Iíll take a picture of you carrying Brittany."

As he walked into Cameronís room he noticed a mirror directly in front of him. He froze and couldnít believe what he was seeing. He never thought anything could be so beautiful but just staring at the limp body of Meghan nesting over his shoulders was such an awe inspiring site; he stood there motionless until he heard Stephanie calling for him. He then put Meghan down on the bed and returned to the hallway where Stephanie was waiting with Brittany already over her shoulders.

"Letís go Chris, Iím ready."

"What is the hurry we have the whole night to ourselves and these sleeping beauties. Letís enjoy this rather then being neurotic about the whole thing, okay?"

"Fine, just take the damn picture already."

"Okay, letís take a side view shot this time."

"Sure, howís this?"

Stephanie turned to the left so her right side, the side Brittany was being carried on, was facing the camera. Chris moved back a little to focus the camera as to take in the entire scene. After a while he managed to get all the aspects he wanted in the picture: the limp arms, the legs, and a clear side shot of Brittanyís ass. He took the shot and told her to face him. She shifted in his direction and when she stopped and he took another shot; this time he wanted that shot of that beautiful ass of hers and her legs.

When he was indicated to her he was done for the moment Stephanie went into Cameronís room and placed Brittany onto the bed with the rest of her friends. Chris and Stephanie admired the view and decided they would get a cold drink and then take them over to Stephanieís apartment.

As they went to the kitchen Stephanie decided to make sure no one was around and it was safe to transport the girls to their car, a Suburban. The coast was clear so she went to the kitchen where Chris was taking a swig from a bottle of beer. There was an opened beer bottle on the counter which she took for herself and immediately took a big sip from. She hadnít realized how thirsty she was until she tasted the beer and decided she better hold off as she hadnít eaten since dinner and did not want to waste this opportunity by getting drunk. She explained this point to Chris who then decided to stop guzzling the beer as well. Looking into the refrigerator they found some Coke cans and decided to drink those instead. They downed the sodaís in a matter of seconds and decided it was time to bring their guest over to Stephanieís.

As they walked back to the room they did not say a word, both were thinking about what lay ahead of them. They walked in an d went to business. Making sure that Cameron and Emily would not arise during the car ride they chloroformed them again. When that was finished they pushed the two to the end of the bed and placed the legs on the ground and had them sit up. Chrisís heart was beating faster then it had ever before as he got ready to carry Cameron for his first time. He knew this was a moment that would stay in his memory until the day he died and he wanted to milk it for all that it was worth. Stephanie was in no rush either, but this event clearly meant more for Chris then it did for her.

Chris was so glad she was wearing her worn out blue jeans for this occasion, it was as if it were meant to happen! All those times he had fantasized about her she was wearing the same outfit that she was wearing now. He finally decided it was time to get a move on thins and directed Cameron over his right shoulder. Her body slumped over his shoulders and he got up. As he stood upright he looked at himself carrying Cameron in the mirror; his heart melted. Her legs were everything he imagined. Her jeans fit her so perfectly; they were tight so her legs were fully accentuated as was the case with her beautiful round ass. He could see her arms dangling about behind . He took his left hand and felt her ass and thought he was going to explode; he did not know if he could take any more, it was to go to be true. Words couldnít describe the state he was in at the moment.

Stephanie was in the process of getting Emily in a firemanís carry to get a little variety going. She took hold of her left hand and helped Emilyís body over both of her shoulders. She had a little trouble getting up, Chris thought she was going to fall over for a second and let out a innocent laugh to which gave her the motivation to prove to Chris that the could do it. When she did successfully get up and have Emily in a proper firemanís carry, left arm held onto in front and other arm in between her legs, she gave Chris a look of content. They walked out of the house to the car which was parked on the street. They made their best attempt at being the least visible possible because people would have questions regarding their carrying two unconscious females over their shoulders and away from their home. They reached the car safely and put their prizes down in the back seat; neither wanted to discard them but did so rather quickly as they felt very vulnerable being outside without the comfort of the walls to shield their activities.

They then returned to the house to gather their remaining two. Chris got Meghan and easily slung her over his left shoulder this time because, he too, enjoyed a little variety. Stephanie decided to stick the normal over the shoulder carry and had a much easier time lifting Brittany then she did Emily; this time she did not almost fall and make a fool out of herself. Once again they were careful and tried to bring the least amount of attention to themselves as the walked over to the carry with the lovely girls over their shoulders. Chris was rock hard as he kept feeling Meghanís ass and rubbing his hands up and down her thighs; Stephanie herself was on the brink of orgasm as Brittanyís dangling arms kept rubbing against her ass and which excited her immensely. As they placed the two into the Suburban next to their friends, Stephanie reached out and put her hand on Chrisís shoulder. Chris looked over and they started making out once again.

As they drove over to Stephanieís they discussed the events that had so far gone down and what each thoughtsí were on the matter. Both agreed that it was better then they had ever anticipated and was it the biggest thrill of their lives. But after that discussion dwindled as they wanted to think about all of the fun that lay ahead of them on this glories night. No one could dispute that they were about to have the night of their lives!

As they first entered Stephanieís driveway, Stephanie almost had a heart-attack; she had forgotten at first that she purposefully left her lights on in the house to make things easier for them when they had the girls. Before she remembered she thought her roommate never left and was home and she screamed at Chris to turn back and leave. He was just about to, as he was just as nervous, but Stephanieís memory resurfaced and she explained it to him; both their worries were dispelled. Fortunately, Stephanie had a garage at her place, for even at 1:20 A.M. in her neighborhood people were still awake. Before they took the four sleeping friends out and into the house, Stephanie and Chris went in to the house and made sure all the doors were locked and shades shut tight. After that was finished they went and brought the girls downstairs where there was a couch, a bed, and most importantly the camcorder. Chris had a thing for walking down the stairs with a girl over the shoulder; he assumed he picked that up from watching television and movies as a kid. He had carried a girl or two down the stairs before but they had always been conscious. Carrying Cameron and Meghan down the stairs, over his shoulders, was a fantasy come true. He made note of all the swinging their arms were doing and even noticed how their legsí and buttsí would move around a little bit as he descended upon each new step.

They placed Cameron and Emily on the bed and Brittany and Meghan on the sofa and got the camera all set up. Before they started recording Stephanie had some business to take care of.

"Hold up a second Chris, before we start recording I got something I want to do with Emily."

"Canít it wait? The fun is just about to begin!"


And with that Stephanie jumped onto the bed and starting taking off Emilyís clothes. First, came off the white socks. As she took each sock off she sucked on each of Emilyís big toes; it was apparent she had a little bit of a thing for toes too. After about a minute she went for her shirt and bra. When Emily was laying there topless Stephanie started fondling her luscious breasts. Out of all the girls there, Emily definitely had the nicest rack. Chris, without Stephanieís consent started recording, as he couldnít see how he could not record this girl on girl action; he knew it was only going to get hotter. Stephanie was really getting at it. She had begun, alongside her intense stroking of the breasts, to start licking them. She was taking turns, for a little while she would lick and suck on Emilyís tits, and then she would start licking Emilyís stomach and fondle her breasts. Occasionally, when fondling her she would let out an "oh yeah baby" or something to that extent, but did not stray far from that routine until she went to the next stage. When she finished up there, she moved down and removed her shorts and panties. Fully unclothed, Emily lay motionless as Stephanie started going down on her. Stephanie wondered if a sleeping person could actually have a orgasm and was intent on finding out. As she started licking Emilyís pussy, she could tell that Emily was responsive as her body immediately relaxed. Excited that it was working, she started licking more aggressively and soon Emily began moaning. As she proceeded, the moaning became more prevalent until Emily finally reached orgasm. Finished, Stephanie descended upon the bed exhausted.

Chris stopped recording and was now ready to have his fun, with or without Stephanie recording. They had the whole night ahead of them and they could always record later so he walked over to where Cameron lay and started pulling her towards him.

"Wait, just give me a moment to recover."

"Iíve waited long enough Stephanie; you just had your fun, now let me have mine."

"I will, in a minute. First, I need to gather the energy to allow myself to carry them around."

"Let me carry Cameron around first and you tape it. When I am finished your strength should return."

"Fine, but wait until I am ready before you pick her up; I want to record everything."

"Okay, fineÖÖ"

Simultaneously, both Cameron and Emily started waking up.

"Donít worry about it Steph, just set up the camera."

Chris once again removed his chloroform soaked cloths out of his pocket and was about to use it on Cameron when the idea struck him.

" I got it, letís record me chloroforming them!"

"I like it; but let me knock Emily out, okay?"

"No, I just want to get to carrying Cameron right away. It would take too much time for the change; I just want to start having my fun already. Címon, please."

"Fine, how about you have Cameron chloroform Emily then and then you chloroform Cameron?"

That deal sounded enticing to Chris and Stephanie set the camcorder up.

"All ready, give Cameron the cloth."

Chris handed the cloth to a weak but conscious Cameron and explained to her what she was to do. A look of helplessness descended upon her face and she obliged; Stephanie pressed record. As the cloth pressed against her, Emily tried to scream. Her hands tried to pull Cameronís hand away but the vapors started to take effect. Her eyes became groggy and her screams quieter and less frequent; eventually her eyes shut and she was back in slumber land. Chris then gave Cameron the okay to remove the cloth and she obliged. He took the cloth away from her and Stephanie said she was ready for the next shot. Cameron knew exactly what that meant.

"Please donít Chris, I am sorry. Iíll never make fun of you again promise. If you want, Iíll even go to the movies with you sometime. PleaseÖ"

Chris had had enough of Cameronís bullshit and clamped the cloth over her mouth and nose so her pleas turned into "mmpphhís." She had recovered more strength then Emily had and was able to put up a decent struggle. She started kicking and trying to get the cloth out of his hands but his grip was to string for her. Her struggling lessened and her eyelids became heavier. He took the cloth off of her for a moment and starting talking to her, showing her who had the power here. It was clear she was able to comprehend what was going on but the chloroform had made her very weak and she could only let out a unmoving "Fuck You." After she cursed him he placed the cloth over her face again until her eyes started to roll, and then finally shut.

"Sheís out, did you get all that?"

"I sure did, it was great. Let me remove the camcorder from the stand and then you can lift her."

Camera ready and focused, Stephanie gave Chris the go ahead to pick Cameron up. Through the camera Stephanie watched he guided Cameron over his right shoulder. He got up with his back facing the camera enabling Stephanie to get a remarkable shot of Cameronís arms and hair dangling about. Her tank-top was no longer tucked in and you could see part of her back. As Chris turned around her arms swung with him and now they were directly facing Stephanie and the camera. It was a remarkable view, one she knew she would constantly be reviewing in the future. Her legs, slightly bent at the knees, had great definition clearly visible thanks to her jeans which hugged them as well as that delectable ass of hers. She kept the camera focused as he walked around the room with her enabling Stephanie the chance to get multiple angle shots of the carry.

In the midst of filming, she caught herself thinking back to her high school days when she would wrestle with her friend Bobby. She remembered that day she taught him the airplane spin, both done with the firemanís carry and the regular over the shoulder carry. She had a feeling he would like and she was right; it ended up becoming his signature move in their little battles. Whenever he was about to win he would hoist her up over his shoulders and swing her around; he would then drop on a cushioned area and pin her claiming victory. She would let him win at times just so she could get carried, but at other times she would lose involuntarily and she enjoyed being carried then even more.

When reality returned for her Chris was putting Cameron down. She stopped recording and decided to get ready to pick up Emily.


Throughout the night the constantly switched from carrier and recorder and swapped partners as they both wanted a chance to carry all of the friends. The girls did wake up a few times that time but, with the camcorder recording, they were again and again put back to sleep via the trust chloroform. But all good things come to an end and that night was no different. A little after five in the morning, before it got light out, they once again carried the girls into the Suburban and returned them to Cameronís house. The night of fun was over and all that was left of the night was the home made video which they anxiously awaited to watch. However, they were both fatigued from a full night of fun and after returning to Stephanieís house immediately went to bed; they had to get some sleep that night as both had to attend classes later that day.


As Chris took his seat in Calculus he saw Cameron walk in to class. She gave him a quick look and immediately took her seat a few rows away from him. From the corner of his eye he noticed her staring at him with a little smile on her face, he wondered what that meant. He then noticed her writing something down on a paper and had the sense it was for him. She then folded it neatly, writing something on the outside of it, and handed it off to the guy next to her. The note did get to him and had his name printed on it. He opened it up and then read it:

Meet me outside after this class, we need to talk about our past and futureÖÖ

What could that mean he wondered; he was going to have to wait and find out.

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