Playtime for Sasha
Playtime For Sasha

Two men who are connected to a white slavery ring wait outside a nightclub in a secluded neighborhood. Two beautiful women, Ashley and Jenny, walk past the men on a dark street. The men jump the girls, chloroform them and fling their lifeless bodies over their shoulders. They take the girls to a nearby apartment that is located above an abondoned cafe. As the men climb the stairs leading to the apartment with the girls still over their shoulders, the girls' limp arms and heads bounce up and down and swing from side to side with each step the men take. They enter the apt where the BOSS is waiting.

The BOSS is a woman named Sasha. Sasha is a very good looking and strong woman with lesbian tendencies. Her huge breasts are barely covered by a very low cut tank top. The men give both girls injections so they will remain unconscious for several hours. The men want to prepare them for transport but Sasha has other ideas. She tells them to get lost and come back for them later. Sasha wants to have some fun with them.

Sasha drags both girls into another room, her breasts almost completely coming out of the tank top as she bends over to slip her hands under their armpits. She has her hands cupped together just above the unconscious girls' breasts as she drags them. She lifts them slightly so the girls' butts are a couple of feet off of the floor and their arms swing from side to side with each backward step Sasha takes. Sasha removes the clothes of both girls while they are lying on the floor, but then lifts them onto a bed. She places the girls' inert bodies is a position to where they are embracing each other with their legs intertwined, at which time she takes some photos. She then decides to take them to separate rooms for more playtime.

She takes Ashley first. Ashely is slim and petite, so Sasha picks her up and carries her in her arms. Ashley's head, neck and arms are hanging down limp and slightly bouncing up and down as Sasha walks and Ashley's mouth is slightly open. Sasha likes the feeling of Ashley's helpless body lying limp across her arms. She places Ashley on another bed. Even though Ashley is petite, she has large breasts and Sasha fondles and kisses them for several minutes. Sasha then goes for Jenny.

Jenny is a little bigger than Ashley, so Sasha decides to carry her OVER HER SHOULDER. Sasha puts her arms around Jenny's back and lifts her up and then allows Jenny's limp body to gently fall over her right shoulder. Jenny's limp hands brush against Sasha's butt as Sasha stabilizes her on her shoulder. Sasha walks slowly because as it was with Ashley, she loves the feeling of carrying a nude,limp female body. She passes by a large mirror in the hallway in which she looks at Jenny's lovely body draped over her shoulder. Jenny's arms bounce up and down and her head gently swivels from side to side. She places Jenny on yet another bed. Jenny is well built and athletic. Sasha loves Jenny's muscular legs and firm butt and spends several minutes fondling and squeezing them.

Sasha realizes the men will be returning soon, so she re- dresses Jenny and binds her hands and feet. She then goes to retrieve Ashley. She is quite aroused by this time and in her excitment she flings Ashley over her shoulder like a rag doll and Ashley's limp arms flail around wildly. She stops momentarily in front of the same mirror to observe Ashley's body over her shoulder. Sasha abruptly turns to one side and sees Ashley's arms swing from side to side in the mirror and she also notices Ashley's silky red hair hanging almost to the floor. She carries Ashley to the room with Jenny, re- dresses her and also binds her hands and feet.

The men return to take them out to a waiting van and to their new destination. Sasha will miss them.

However, just about that time, another man shows up with another stunning, unconscious female victim over his shoulder and that means only one thing. More playtime for Sasha.................

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