Kidnapped and Photographed part 2
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“How about we take some with our little ballerina first, should make some nice photos,” Jennifer replied, “why don’t you take them with her first.”

“OK”, said Tom happily agreeing. Jennifer went over to Mary stretched out across the coffee table and lifted her limp body up again, then transferred her into Tom’s arms. He walked over to the photo area and stood in front of the camera with a blue backdrop behind him. He stood holding Mary in a normal arm position, and he was comfortable with the way she and him were positioned, he told Jennifer to go ahead.

“Smile for the camera!” Jennifer yelled out jokingly. Snap snap snap.

“Great shots!”

Tom changed to a side angle in front of the camera with Mary’s feet facing the camera. Jennifer took another 3 shots before Tom changed to the other side with Mary’s face towards the camera. Tom thought of other poses, as for one he kneeled on one knee and put Mary’s back over his other knee with his left hand on her legs and his right on her chest. Then after a few shots, he sat her down on the floor and put his arm under her back so that the middle of her back and head flopped over his arm.

The next set of shots he really enjoyed he sat down on a stool straight up, picked her up and spreaded her legs apart and placed her left leg on one side of him and the right leg on the other. With that position he hugged her and got a few shots of that, then he pulled his hands away and let her back lay over his lap and her head hang off of his knees. The next shot he just maneuvered her horizontally in front of the camera with her stretched across his lap on her back, then flipped her over onto her stomach for another shot.

The next series he decided to remove her ballet slippers, so he started with her right foot, then off of her left foot, exposing her bare feet, though still covered with white pantyhose. It looked so nice to Tom, and to Jennifer as she smiled from seeing the cute sight. Tom then picked her up in a normal arm position again and took some shots with the change. Then with one arm movement he flung her over his right shoulder and took some shots like that, then placed her in a fireman carry and took more shots.

He then placed her down onto the floor and thought up some more poses.

First he laid her on her back and grabbed with his right hand her right foot, and with his left hand her left foot. He lifted them up so just her legs were straight up in the air with him holding her bare feet. Next he laid down beside her on his side and smiled to the camera for a few shots like that.

Then for an interesting series he lifted her high into the air with both hands, one pressed against her upper back and the other on her butt, and her body just drooped over, creating a shot Jennifer took extra photos off.

“Well Jennifer, let’s see what’s under the ballet suit, sound good?” Jennifer nodded and smiled. He placed her back down on the floor and began first with removing her leotard. He pulled it off of her shoulders first and kept pulling down, her bra came into view holding her smaller but nicely formed breasts. He pulled down the rest exposing her panties and then off of her feet. He paused for a minute and left the white bra and panties on, and also her white pantyhose, and took some shots just like that in the same carry positions as before. Jennifer liked the shots of Mary dressed a bit differently. Tom then decided that it was time to remove the rest of Mary’s clothing, off came the bra, then the white pantyhose exposing her beautiful legs, and finally the panties came off, bringing out her completely naked body. Tom and Jennifer observed it for a moment and were quite impressed by the site. They maneuvered her body around deeply exploring every area. They now could clearly see how Mary’s figure was so perfectly shaped, barely an ounce of fat could even be found anywhere, hardly even on her bottom. They removed the hair clip and let her nice dark hair flow freely. Jennifer went back to the camera and Tom lifted Mary’s now light naked body into his arms, and Jennifer began shooting. He placed her into many different positions of carries and then did a lot of other different positions. Tom was loving doing this with her unconscious naked body, and thought to himself he never wanted it to end. Then Jennifer suddenly shouted out “wait!” as she set something on the camera and quickly ran over to Christine still laying on the couch. She picked her up with thrust that almost sent her flying over Jennifer’s shoulder. She ran over and posed next to Tom for an extrodinary double shot. Two beautiful small naked limp female bodies being held by a larger, older man and woman. The shot was perfect, and then they changed their angles and positions in several different ways for more beautiful double shots as the camera kept on taking pictures. This actually went on for quite a while, and they were having so much fun doing it they didn’t want to stop. But after they figured they had enough shots of the naked girls, they set them down on the floor...

“Well should we put them in some different costumes now Jennifer?” Tom asked.

“Definitely, what ones should we use?”

“Surprise me”, Tom quickly replied, “take them into the other room and give me a nice surprise.”

“No problem, this is going to be so fun!”

They took the girls into another room and Tom left. Jennifer walked over to a huge closet and opened its sliding doors, inside a long rack of clothes was seen. “Hmmm”, said Jennifer contemplating on what to dress the motionless bodies in. “Let’s see...ah yes I have the perfect thing for you Christine.” She took out a pink pajama outfit that looked like it was used for an 8 year old girl. “Your going to look so cute in this outfit Christine, its going to make you look like a little girl.” Jennifer sat Christine up and placed her against another bed. She tried to straighten her but her body kept falling over, so she had to slide Christine around and pull her up close to her between her legs. Christine’s head flopped around as Jennifer took the pink pajama shirt and began placing it over her, and forced it down over her arms and down the rest of her upper body. She straightened it out and smiled at the view. Next she got up and laid Christine back down on the floor, then took the pants and put them first over Christine’s feet and then pulled up. It was tough to get the pants onto her as they were so tight, but slowly but surely she got the pants up her legs and eventually around her waist, having to lift her up a little to get the pants totally snug over her butt. She stood back for a moment looking at Christine, then walked back over to the closet and grabbed some bedroom slippers and put them down next to her, but leaving her barefoot. Jennifer then lifted her up again by her back only and spun her back around into a sitting position again. She followed by taking a chunk of Christine’s soft hair in both of her hands and pulled it back all together, and then placed a band around it giving Christine a ponytail. “Perfect,” said Jennifer laughing, as she got up and let Christine flop back to the floor. “Now for you Mary, hmmm.” She looked through the closet and ripped something out. “Oh boy your going to like this outfit dear.” Out of the closet she pulled a blue and gold cheerleader uniform. She sat Mary up against her in the same way she did Christine, and began to clothe her with it. She also fixed her hair up into a ponytail in the same way as Christine. After she finished, she giggled at the sight as well of Mary looking like a cute cheerleader. She also didn’t put any shoes or socks on her.

The sight was an amazing view in Jennifer’s eyes. She couldn’t wait to let Tom see so in a hurry she picked up pink pajama girl Christine and threw her over her shoulder and then took Mary and with more difficulty trying to pick her up with one hand and get her over her shoulder, she finally did, and carried both girls out of the room. Tom was there waiting and his jaw dropped in awe, he loved the sight, and couldn’t believe how great it looked.

“Wow!” he shouted out. “Great job!”

“Thanks, well let’s not waste any time!”

Tom picked up Christine up in her pink pj’s first and looked down at her impressed. Jennifer took many shots in all different positions again. The pictures that were being taken were great, Christine did look like a little girl with the tight pajamas on, just resting limp in Tom’s arms. After he was finished for the moment with Christine, he picked up Mary in her cheerleader suit and took many more shots of that. Tom was breathing so heavy from the excitement he felt. She looked perfect as a cute cheerleader, and looked even better being that she unconscious. He then decided to let Jennifer take some pictures holding the girls. She did in all kinds of angles and positions, Tom almost loved filming it as he much as he did actually doing it. After the shots were done they decided to change outfits again. This time they had more beautiful views as they dressed Christine in a nice light blue short dress, and dressed Mary in a long blue nightgown. First they took shots of each other carrying Christine, the tight short dressed outlined her figure well and looked really pretty on her, they also put plain colored pantyhose on her. For a few shots they put dress shoes on her feet, and for other’s left her barefoot. After finishing with Christine, they did the same with Mary in her nightgown. She also looked real nice in her outfit. In the same way they did for Christine, they put the bedroom slippers on Mary for a few shots and took them off for another few.

Since they didn’t have any specific outfits they continued the night with some various clothing. They took some of Christine in her bathing suit, then put the bathing suit on Mary. Also they put Mary’s ballerina suit on Christine. Then they put some normal clothes on them like jeans or shorts with a t-shirt or sweatshirt, or different types of dresses, along with different types of shoes, or just socks or without anything on their feet.. They had a more fun night then anyone could have taking tons of different photos with the unconscious girls. The rolls of film piled up to an extrodinary amount, they couldn’t believe it. They sat down on the floor next to the girls. Christine was wearing a forest green t-shirt and jean shorts, as Mary was wearing a a white long sleeved shirt and blue nylon shorts, both girls had nothing else on their legs or feet.

“Well Jennifer, they should be waking up soon, should we call it a night?”

“Sure, what a night it was though hah?

“Unbelieveable,” replied Tom, “while they are taking their bath I will develop the film.”

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