Kidnapped and Photographed
Kidnapped and Photographed

She finished putting on her bathing suit in the girl’s locker room.

“You ready?”

“I’ll be there in just a second,” said Christine, “I have to grab something out of my bag.”

“Oh no I left my goggles in my normal locker,” Christine thought to herself.

Feeling kind of like an idiot walking through the school halls to her locker in her bathing suit and bare feet, she was glad that no one else was in the school at the time. She got to her locker, opened it up and got her goggles and began walking back to the pool. Christine was the type of girl that caught every guy’s eye. She was beautiful and there was little other way else to describe. A slim, petite girl with a perfect figure, everything from nicely shaped legs to well rounded breasts. Her eyes were bright blue and seemed to speak for themselves, and her soft, almost golden colored hair was also as close as it comes to being perfect. She was a 17 year old rather innocent girl, who had a great personality which was brought out to the world through her great smile.

But this day was set to be different for Christine as she opened the door to the locker room. She casually walked in normally and suddenly she felt a large arm wrap around her and a cloth go over her mouth and nose. She didn’t know what to think, it hit her so suddenly she reacted naturally and tried to pull the arm away from her with both of her hands grasped on his, but with no succession.

She felt her half naked body pressed up against the man and could hardly move, but she continued to struggle. Everything that she had done in the past weeks flew through her mind quickly and she kept asking herself if she had done something wrong, or made someone mad that wanted revenge. She didn’t know at all what was happening and why. But really all she could concentrate on was the moisture against her face which was from the soaked rag, she didn’t know what its purpose was at first but then thought it was suppose to knock her unconscious, then she became so afraid she began to tremble thinking of what would happen if she did go unconscious, and frightened but expected she slowly began to feel herself weaken. Her eyes were forcefully closing though she tried to keep them open, her small hands grasping on the arm slowly loosened. She started feeling her legs weaken and had trouble supporting herself, then eventually she couldn’t hold her hands up anymore as they dropped down to her sides and hung there, the last thing she heard was a faint voice of a man saying, “Goodnight sweetie.”

“All right let’s hurry, open up the bag.” A well built man stood holding Christine’s limp body with one hand around her side, he then swung his other arm under her legs and lifted her up into both of his arms.

Opening up the bag was a woman, a stronger woman with brown hair tied back into a ponytail. She was holding this huge white bag which looked as if it was used for carrying goalie equipment and probably was, except for this moment it was going to be used for Christine’s unconscious body. The man held Christine observing her body only covered by a one piece bathing suit. Her arms were hanging limp on both sides in the air, her head drooped back with her hair flowing beautifully towards the ground. Her small bare feet also hung limp in mid-air, and the man found it interesting how her hands and feet dangled back and forth when he’d reposition her in his arms. She just hung in his arms motionless, then carefully he placed Christine inside the bag being held open by the woman. Her foot got caught on the outside of the bag and the woman helped by picking it up and placing it on the other side of the bag. Then her body flopped to the bottom of the bag, and the woman zipped it up.

“Well thanks to these great uniforms we found in the maintenance room no one will suspect a thing if they see us carrying the bag out,” said the man.

“Yeah”, said the woman cheerfully, “our plan worked.”

Behind them they heard a voice calling inside from the school....

”Christine! Christine! Where are you?”

It was her best friend Melissa also in a swimsuit going up the hall looking for her, some of the other girls from the swim team came out worried, and they each split in different directions followed by the teacher.

“Just keep calm and act normal,” said the man to the woman. “Let’s get her in the trunk and get out of her quickly.”

They placed the bag in the trunk of their car and quickly shut it. The man glanced behind him quickly and saw that one of the girls saw them put the large bag into the car, little did she or any of the other girls know, Christine’s young limp body was inside there.

The car pulled into the country home driveway set back with many trees around it. They shut the car off, opened the trunk and the man picked up the bag again and put the strap over his shouler and carried it into the house. The woman immediately led him to apparently a large spare room, and helped the man get the bag through the door. He then set it down on the floor and unzipped it. There appeared still in her bathing suit, still unconscious, was Christine. The man scooped his hands down under her and picked her up in his arms again and carried her over to the queen size bed where he laid her down on the soft covers. He immediately pulled the straps of her bathing suit off of her shoulders and slowly pulled them down the girl’s small arms. After they were off of her arms he slowly and excitedly pulled the bathing suit down. The woman watched intuitively standing up on the other side of the bed. Christine’s breasts were coming into view, and as he pulled down further the beautiful perfect sized breasts popped out of the bathing suit sitting free as the man took a close look. He continued with the bathing suit as he pulled it down further exposing her belly, further and saw signs of a little hair, he continued to pull down until her vagina came into clear view. This really excited him and he began breathing heavier. He pulled the bathing suit down her legs, around her feet and off. There laid Christine’s small beautiful naked unconscious body on the bed. Both the woman and man looked at each other and then down at Christine and had the same idea as they began to massage every part of her delicate frame. Then the man decided to pick her up in his arms again and his heart began to race as he saw in a mirror across the room the pretty, naked girl laying in his arms in mid-air. He enjoyed the feel of his hands against her warm skin, and especially the fact that his arms were the only thing supporting her from the air to the ground. Christine’s hands and feet dangling didn’t come anywhere close to the ground as the man was around 6-4 tall, and Christine was only about 5-3. Both the woman and man couldn’t believe how smooth Christine’s skin looked and felt, there wasn’t a flaw on it, on any part of her body at all.

After taking a few more moments the man passed her over to the woman who took her in her arms. She held her for a moment normally in her arms then pulled her whole front body up tight to hers, so her whole naked front was pressed against hers. Christine’s right arm flung over the woman’s left shoulder and hung there, and her legs and feet were tightly next to one another. Facing the man was Christine’s full butt and he just continued on staring. The way the woman held her it looked almost like how she’d carry a baby, which was a real turn on for him seeing this, the woman savored the moment and then placed Christine back down on the bed. Her body once again flopped down on the bed like a rag doll, and just laid there, motionless.

“Well I think its time to go out and find the next the one to be her little friend tonight don’t ya think?” said the man.

“Yeah are you sure you’ll be able to handle it by yourself?” said the woman.

“Yeah definitely, well I can’t go back to the pool so I think next I’m going to head over to the dance studio.

“Sounds fun”, said the woman giggling, “I’ll be here with her.”

“Yep and if she wakes up before you have her tied up, remember the chloroform sitting on the nightstand. If you have her tied up before she wakes, don’t chloroform her just put tape over her mouth, I want to talk to her and make sure she sees her little mate for tonight’s fun.”

“No problem, I can’t wait!”

The man left the house and the woman heard the car leaving the stone driveway as she stared down at Christine. “Well what fun can we have while we’re alone honey?” said the woman to the very deep sleeping girl.

It was driving her nuts and finally she decided to do it. The woman always wanted to experience this and finally had the perfect chance, so she began removing her own clothes. First the shoes and socks, then the pants and shirt, then finally the bra and panties. Now she too was completely naked. Her body was also nice looking, but bigger boned. She still had a nice shaped figure, and had a pretty face. She was much larger then Christine, and had to outweigh her by at least 30-40 pounds.

As a result her breasts stood out as they were full and plump. She looked back down at Christine and then rolled her over onto her stomach revealing her nice tight ass. Then the naked woman bent down and lifted Christine up from around her side, then put her shoulder into Christine’s stomach and stood up flinging her over her right shoulder. Then quickly the woman grabbed around the back of Christine’s knees and stood straight up. The naked limp body of Christine hung over the larger naked woman. It was a breathless sight. The woman then walked out of the bedroom but first took a glance in the mirror across the room, she was almost in awe as she Christine’s hands dangling around her lower back, and as she walked they swayed back and forth. Then she turned around saw a nice view of her rear down to her nice thin legs and feet. She continued walking out the door and down the hall still with Christine still over her shoulder. She went down the stairs but then figured out she’d have to place Christine over both shoulders in a fireman carry position to prevent her from slapping against her back every step down the stairs. The woman took Christine’s left arm with her left arm, then slipped her right hand through Christine’s legs and grasped onto her right one. This held her firmly over both of her bare shoulders. The woman reached the bottom of the stairs and walked through the living room and then into the kitchen. She released Christine’s arm and as a result she flew back down hanging in the air. Inside the large kitchen, the woman brought Christine over the long counter and laid her down on her back across the counter. It was an interesting sight seeing Christine’s naked body stretched out across a kitchen counter, her right arm dangling off the side. The woman opened up her refrigerator and grabbed a 12 pack of Pepsi, and then sat down a moment for a short rest. She opened one can and began to drink it while gazing at Christine. She was looking at how her head was tipped to the side facing her with her eyes closed looking so innocent and helpless. She hoped that Christine wouldn’t wake up before she got her back upstairs and tied her up because though stronger than Christine, she didn’t feel like struggling with her. Then suddenly out of the blue an idea struck her again. She walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of oil, and then set it on the table. She then went over to Christine and reached her arm under her thighs and her other arm around the top part of her back and picked her up, spun around and laid her across the round wooden table. Her body fit almost perfect on the table, with just her feet hanging off the end slightly. The naked woman twisted the cap to the oil off and poured some in her hand, then set the bottle down and rubbed her hands together. She had quite a bit of oil on her hands and as a result began rubbing Christine’s belly, then onto her sides and then the firm breasts. Her smooth, nice skin gleamed in the light from the oil. The woman continued massaging her with the oil up onto her small arms and limp hands, then eventually down to the lower body area. The woman just loved the feel of her legs as they were so perfect, and then really enjoyed rubbing the oil all over Christine’s small, cute feet. She spent some time on her thighs and even got into the vagina which resulted in the woman being turned on bigtime. The woman stood back and admired her work for a moment and then flipped Christine over onto her stomach. She poured some more oil onto her hands and massaged Christine’s neck, back and bottom. The woman felt like she was in heaven as she was enjoying it so much, and she closed her eyes while finishing rubbing Christine, she was so excited and breathing so hard that she actually felt dizzy herself. She then figured she’d better stop before she too ended up unconscious on the floor so she closed the oil bottle and put it away, and then sat up on the counter still naked and took a far away glance at Christine’s bare, still, well oiled body, laying across her kitchen table. After a few minutes, the woman decided it was time to head back upstairs as she flung Christine over her shoulder with one arm, which wasn’t too hard with her light body, and picked up the pack of Pepsi in the other arm and moved on.

Once in the room, she again set Christine down on the bed. She giggled as she wiped her hand against her own shoulder and oil came off, being there from Christine’s body. Then she headed over to the closet, opened it up and brought out a box. Out of the box she took 4 long pieces of rope, which seemed they already were set for this type of occasion. She took one in her hand and placed the other 3 on the floor. She then straightened Christine in the center of the bed and lifted up her limp left hand, taking the rope the woman began wrapping it around Christine’s small wrist a few times and then tied it in a knot. She took the other end of the rope and wrapped it around the bedpost many times and then tied it into a knot. She did this for Christine’s other arm, and then her feet by tying the ropes around her ankles and then to the bedpost. Then for the finishing touch she took duct tape out of the box, ripped off a piece, and carefully placed it over Christine’s mouth.

The woman then decided to put her own clothes back on, not the maintence uniform but a normal pair of jeans and shirt, then sat and waited for the man to come home.

It was 20 minutes later and Christine woke up, but alone in the room. Feeling groggy she looked around dazed and obviously had no idea where she was. When she discovered she was tied up, she pulled on the ropes with her hands and feet but could hardly even move them. She tried to move her mouth but the duct tape prevented it. She slowly moved her head up and saw her naked body, the ropes tied securely around her ankles, and her hands tied to the bedposts, she wondered what had happened. It then hit her what she last felt, the man’s arm wrapped around her as she was going unconscious. She felt she was in real danger, and tears filled her eyes. Things raced through her head like “why me” and “what are they going to do to me?” She clenched her small fists and closed her eyes trying to pray as hard as she could that she’d make it out ok. But she felt so afraid as tears continued to roll down her cheeks. Though at least she felt somewhat comfortable on the soft bed and covers if nothing else. Suddenly a chill ran through her whole body as she heard footsteps outside the room, the door was closed and she dreaded seeing who it was going to be opening the door. She pictured different people in her mind coming into the room, thinking about what they look like, what they have with them, what they have in store for her. As she could hear the person right on the other side of the door her eyeballs slowly moved toward it awaiting her captor, the doorknob turned-she tightened up. The door opened gradually and the person entered into the room, her eyes focused on the woman walking in.

“Well sleeping beauty woke up I see,” she said with a grin.

Christine looked at her curiously and worried with tears still filling her eyes. “So how are you feeling cutie?” Christine mumbled something through the tape and the woman just smiled at her. She was still shaking from fright wondering what was happening and why the woman was holding her captive.

“Well we’re going to have some fun tonight, as soon as our other guest arrives, you’ll enjoy it, really.” She sat down on the bed next to Christine’s mid-body and patted her on the left leg. Christine looked up at her curiously and didn’t say another word through her taped mouth.

Just then the sounds of footsteps were heard coming up the stairs, the woman knew it had to be the man returning home. “Well what do ya know, they’re already here,” said the woman looking towards the door. Christine felt another chill run through her entire body. The footsteps became louder and the door quickly opened. The first sight seen was another beautiful one as he entered the room. Holding in his arms was a young, pretty girl, about 17, the same age as Christine, in a pink ballet suit, with white pantyhose, and her ballet slippers still on her small feet. The girl was completely unconscious and limp in his arms. “Surprise!” The man blurted out looking at the woman and then at Christine.

“Awwww how cute, we have a swimmer and a ballerina,” said the woman. “So was it hard getting our new guest?”

“Nah not at all, she was another that made the mistake of walking down an empty hall alone, she’s a cutie though.” He glanced down at Christine and began to laugh. “Well by the looks of it I see you two have had some fun.” Christine looked straight into his eyes completely confused. “Oh and say hi to our new guest, her name is Mary.”

She Christine looked at the limp girl in the man’s arms through her big blue eyes. Christine knew that she herself had been in the same position not too long ago, and these kidnappers were enjoying it. The man was standing there proudly holding her. Seeing the girl just hanging there in his arms with her head flopped back in the air and her eyes closed so innocently made her feel sorry for the girl even though she wasn’t in much of a better position. To Christine she looked to be about the same age, maybe a year younger, and was a tiny bit smaller. She wasn’t as beautiful as Christine but she was still quite pretty. Her dark hair was tied back, with small curls of hair running down the both sides of her head next to her ears down her cheeks. Around her beautiful small frame as ballerina’s have was a pink skin tight leotard with a small skirt attached around her waist. Her white pantyhose outlined perfectly her nicely shaped legs, and continued around her feet which were covered with her ballerina slippers. Her limp bare arms were so small and smooth and hung down in the air so nicely. She was so light and the man loved to move her around in his arms and watch her body move accordingly. The man passed her over to the woman again and then sat down on the bed next to Christine. Slowly he removed the tape off of her mouth, and she let out a burst of crying. At the same time she said in a low pitched voice, “What am I doing here who are you?”

“There there sweetie, everything’s going to be all right as long as you listen to me,” he said while brushing some of her back with his hand. “First be a good girl and tell me your name.” Sobbing, she quietly squeaked out “Christine”.

“OK Christine, just settle down, we’re gonna have a good time today OK?” he said stroking her arm. “Now how old are you Christine?”

“18,” she slowly got out of her mouth.

“18? Well your a very beautiful young woman let me tell you...”

“Why am I here, please just let me go I didn’t do anything,” Christine said in one breath between sobs.

“Oh now Christine, you can’t go yet, we have things planned, when I’m ready to let you go then you’ll go,” he said wiping the tears off of her cheeks and eyes. “Oh by the way my name is Tom and this is my wife Jennifer.” “Now our little friend who is in Jennifer’s arms right now should be waking up anytime now, I didn’t give her a strong of a dose of chloroform as you. So Jennifer, can you do the honor of tying her hands and feet together while I comfort Christine some more.”

Jennifer laid Mary on the floor on her stomach and grabbed some more rope out of the box she had out. She took Mary’s small limp hands and brought them around to her back, then tied one wrist and then the other, and wrapped the remaining rope around both hands tightly and tied it into a knot. She then did the same for her pantyhose ankles, and made sure both knots were tight. She then grasped around Mary’s stomach and lifted her up, her body hung over each side of the arm. Jennifer then took placed her other arm under Mary’s hip and lifted her completely up and onto her lap as she sat back down. The back of Mary slouching down rested against Jennifer as she had her arms wrapped around Mary holding her in place. Her bound feet hung over and rested comfortably against Jennifer’s calves. A few minutes later she slowly began to wake up. Her head picked up but then fell back against Jennifer’s chest. About 10 seconds later she tried again and started to full awakened. Once she was aware of what was happening she started struggling immediately, squirming all over Jennifer’s laps and pulling at her bound hands and feet. Jennifer had to pull her arms tighter around Mary to hold her in place while the young girl began balling. Jennifer then took her own legs and wrapped them around Mary’s legs to hold them from moving all over. Mary continued to try struggling but her small legs were no match for Jennifer’s strong legs. Mary was also crying and almost more yelling at the same time and Tom got up quickly and covered her mouth with his hand and ordered her to settle down. Mary looked at him with almost puppy type eyes, slowly Tom removed his hand from her mouth and covered it with a piece of duct tape. Breathing heavily, she finally began to slow her struggling figuring out it wasn’t really doing her any good. Jennifer leaned back in her chair with Mary still tightly against her, and began to wipe all the tears off of her face, and not to her delight took a few tissues Tom handed her and wiped her nose for her.

Jennifer rubbed her arms trying to help calm her down, and Mary began mumbling words through her duct tape. Tom got up off of the bed and leaned over toward Mary as Jennifer loosened her grip around her. Tom reached behind her and grabbed her bound hands and brought them out a bit. He began to untie the knot and once he did, he unwrapped the rope off both of her wrists and Mary brought them around to the front of her. Jennifer quickly grabbed both hands of the girl and held them tightly, this time Mary didn’t even bother struggling with her. Tom then reached for Mary’s right hand and held it as Jennifer was holding onto her wrist. Tom then slowly opened her little hand up as Mary observed closely what he was doing. He reached over with his other hand and picked up a cloth and placed it in her hand, a wet cloth. The pretty girl still sobbing looked at the rag and at Tom very curiously.

“Now listen closely to my instructions Mary, ok?” Mary hestitated then nodded her head. “That rag you have in your hand,” Tom continued, “is soaked with chloroform, the same thing that knocked you out back at the dance studio. Now what I want you to do is place it over your friend Christine’s mouth and nose, and hold on her tightly until she passes out, OK?”

Mary looked at him and then at Christine, and Tom reaching his hand up to her face as she flinched, took the tape off of her mouth. She took a couple quick breaths through her mouth and then said sobbing,

“No.....I can’t....I can’t......please”.

“Come on Mary,” Tom said with a louder pitched voice that made Mary cry even harder, “you can do it come on!” Mary just looked down at Christine and their eyes were focused on one another, both looking so innocent and helpless at each other. Jennifer pulled Mary up so she was in a straight sitting postion still on her lap, and moved up closer to the bed with Christine laying on it. Jennifer could feel the poor girl shivering as she knew she really didn’t want to be put in this situation, but both Tom and Jennifer really wanted to see the great sight of one cholorforming the other. Mary looked down Christine’s naked body and back up and became more afraid as she figured she’d look like her soon- tied completely nude to a bed. Then suddenly Mary shouted while crying still, “No I can’t, please don’t make me do this!”

“Mary if you want to leave her, then do it now!” Christine just laid there motionless looking at Mary awaiting whatever was going to happen.

“I’m serious Mary,” Tom continued after Mary paused, “if you want any hope of getting out of here soon do it now!

With those words, Mary looked down at the cloth, and then at Christine, and slowly lifted her hand up.

“Good girl Mary, now place it on her mouth and nose!” Mary began to move her hand toward Christine. It became closer, when it was about a foot away, Christine turned her head the other way from Mary’s hand and the rag. But then Tom grabbed both sides of her head and turned it back and held it in place. Christine continued to struggle and tugged on the ropes with her hands and feet. Mary’s hand was about 6 inches away from her mouth as Tom shouted, “Now Mary!” Suddenly Mary covered Christine’s mouth and nose with the choloroformed rag and held it there while looking away from her. Christine could feel Mary pressing tightly as Tom told her too. She continued to struggle with her whole body, and was moaning and squeaking. Mary looked back down at her and saw Christine’s eyes starting to close slowly and her movements dying down.

Mary felt so horrible, and just before Christine’s eyes shut for good, Mary said in a half whisper, “I’m sorry.” Following right afterwards, Christine’s hands and feet became limp once again and hung in their bonds.

“Good job Mary!” shouted Jennifer happily. “Yeah”, said Tom, “your a pro already,” as he patted her on the back.

Mary lifted the rag away from Christine’s mouth and nose while weeping at the same time. She looked down at her helpless looking face and then at her hands hanging from the bedposts and felt so terrible.

“Don’t be ashamed,” said Jennifer hugging her in a comforting way, putting her head on Mary’s chin, “there’s nothing at all to be ashamed of, we’re proud of you.”

“Yes we are,” Tom followed with, “we will reward you later but for right now, well sorry we have to do this.”

Jennifer grabbed the rag from Mary’s hand still clenched around it, and quickly covered her mouth and nose with it. Mary squealed in surprise, and moaned just like Christine. She also began to struggle and Tom helped hold her in place. Slowly she began to weaken, her squirming body slowed down. After a few more seconds her eyes closed and her head fell forwarrd. So there she hung limp in Jennifer’s arms still on her lap, with her feet still tied and ballerina slippers still on.

“Well shall we begin the photo session?” Asked Tom.

“I’m ready,” said Jennifer, “let’s take them down there!”

he light was turned on in the basement with Jennifer holding Mary and Tom holding Christine. The light showed a huge room full of furniture, props, and large professional cameras. Tom set Christine down on a couch and Jennifer laid Mary down on a coffee table next to it. Tom then went over to a large cabinet and pulled out about 5 or 6 rolls of film, then took a few minutes toset one professional camera up facing a backdrop (as in a family or school portrait). Meanwhile Jennifer helped set up some props.

"All set”, said Tom, “which one should we use as our first photo shoot, nude or ballet?”

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