The Interns turn
The Interns Turn
A. Nonny Mouse

I did it again last week, and I've been dying to tell someone. You're the only one I know who's kinky enough to appreciate it, so here it goes...

I was at work when a call came in from another division, asking me to come over and take a picture of an expensive new piece of equipment. When I got there and started setting up, I asked if anyone would sit at the control panel for me. As usual, everybody refused. Christ! You'd think I was shooting with a Colt instead of a Nikon! I turned and called out, "Sharon, you've got to set an example for these shy old farts. We need someone good-looking anyway. Come and sit here."

Sharon is a 21 year old intern from the local college, and is one fuck-tastic looking woman. Of good Polish stock, she stands about 5'4" and is probably about 110. She has some nice tits which make an impressive bulge in her red sweater, her sweet ass is wrapped in tan slacks, and she has on tan pumps with a short heel. Wavy shoulder length brown hair, high cheek bones, a good Polish nose, ripe lips, and light brown eyes that a man could get lost in complete the package. Did I mention that she has perfect hands? They're long and slender, with nice long fingernails that she actually grew herself. She's got on my favorite, clear nail polish. I get a boner just watching her hands.

Anyway, I got the division head, Mr. Goldschmuck, to lean over her shoulder ( I knew the old lech wouldn't pass up a chance to look down her sweater) and explain the controls to her. A beautiful girl, an expensive machine, a big shot - click, click - that's the money shot. As I packed up, I mumbled a few words of flattery to Sharon and she's saying, "Sure. I'd love to get my portrait done. I'll be down later." Prophetic choice of words!

I wasn't worth shit the rest of the day. I got things set up for her, then checked and re-checked my preparations, watching the clock until she showed up. I directed her to the full-length studio mirror, and got my two video cameras rolling.

I got her in front of my camera and started shooting, making sure that lots of the poses featured her gorgeous hands. I had her cross her wrists and my feverish mind saw ropes binding them, I saw her fingers grabbing my cock...Whew! Those lights sure were getting hot! She was a good model and went from one pose to the next with minimal direction, with a natural, sexy posture.

Since she was wearing slacks (Damn it!) I suggested she sit, recline, and lie on the floor for a series of shots. I had her face the camera, lay on her stomach, cross her legs at the ankles, bend her knees so her feet were over her ass, and prop her chin on her hands. With her youth and beauty, she looked like a page out a teeny-bopper magazine.

"Are you comfortable? Good. Hold that pose while I adjust the backdrop." I walked around her to the backdrop, reached behind it and extracted my trusty chloroform-soaked rag from a plastic bag. I dropped to my knees beside her and pressed the cloth over her mouth and nose. She let out cries of surprise, disbelief, and then anger, but they sounded more like "Glubph! mmmmph! hmmmmp!" coming through the cloth. She started to twist her body around while she grabbed and clawed at my hand, so I put my body down on her back with my full weight. She still managed to bounce around, and it reminded me of dry-humping in high school. I held her head still by placing my head along side hers and holding it there with my free hand, and I found myself saying, "Relax. Take a nap. Sleep.", over and over. The reek of her chloroform and the scent of her perfume went straight up my nostrils to my brain, and took the top of my head off. Her struggling abruptly stopped and I put her head gently down on the carpet. I rolled off of her and staggered to my feet and admired the view - the beautiful Sharon was unconscious on my floor. I grabbed my camera and took some shots. My head was spinning and my cock was throbbing, but a pro always gets the shot.

I knelt back down and managed to get her out of her sweater, shoes, pants, and rolled her pantyhose down her long, firm legs, but her tiny white panties (of the dental floss and postage stamp variety) looked so cute I decided to leave them on. I unhooked her bra and pulled it away, revealing the nicest pair of tits I've ever seen. I couldn't help myself - I had to defile their perfection with my coarse hands and lips...I worked my arms behind her back and knees, and lifted her up. I gazed down upon her young figure, clasped in my arms. Her arm hung down, her head rolled back, and her pretty feet swung back and forth as I carried her in front of my camera and then the mirror for a nice, long look at the sleeping beauty in my arms.

Walking to the couch, I gently lowered her down. I tied her lovely hands behind her back with a short length of rope, and placed a white cloth gag between her lips and tied it behind her head. I then turned her on her back, pushed her knees apart, and plunged my face between her thighs. Pushing her panties aside, I started to run my tongue the length of her sweet pussy, over and over. Ah! What sweet ambrosia! Pussy juice on my tongue and in my brain! She started to breath heavier (as did I) and stir slightly, then she started to moan softly and moved in time with my tongue. Her moaning became louder and louder, and her motions more and more energetic, until she was screaming into her gag and thrusting her hips up and down with such fury that I was hanging on for dear life. There were times I was afraid I my teeth would be knocked down my throat, but I hung on and gave her pussy a good tongue-lashing. She finally went rigid and gave an especially loud scream, and collapsed back onto the couch, panting. I sat up, wiping my chin, and saw that she had the most satisfied look on her face.

After we both caught our breath, I sat her up, then pulled her to her feet, and before she could react, ducked down and grabbed her around the thighs and threw her over my shoulder. She made noises of objection and squirmed at first, but then she settled down and started to enjoy it. I walked back to the mirror and looked at her firm young ass and sleek legs with my arm holding her in place, and was amused by the way her tied wrists changed the whole look of the carry. I turned so that I could see her hair, hanging down on my back, and our eyes met in the mirror. The little devil was enjoying this! I tickled her ass to get a rise out of her and make her squirm, and twirled her around a bit, and then sat her back on the couch. I reached behind her and untied her hands, and then untied the the gag. She took the gag and daintily wiped her mouth, while I got her a glass of water. She gulped down the water, then suddenly grabbed my belt buckle and pulled my zipper down! She slid her slim hand into my pants and looked up at me. "Now", she grinned, "It's my turn."

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