Sleeping Butt

"Tammy, how was your date last night?"

"Tom was very nice looking and very charming. As a matter of fact almost too charming."

"Don't tell me that he got in your pants! Did he?!"

"No, but he probably could have if I had let him hypnotize me."

"Did he try to hypnotize you? I have often wondered what it would be like to be hypnotized. Have you ever been hypnotized?"

"He did not hypnotize me or even try, but I am pretty sure that he could put me under if I let him. He ran a little test to see if I would be a good subject. He told me to clasp my hands together and at the count of three, I would not be able to pull them apart. I was not able to pull my hands apart, no matter how hard I tried until he told me I could. He told me that I would be an excellent subject. I was afraid that he would put me to sleep there in the car. At the same time I was wondering what it would feel like and wishing that he would try. I understand that a person will not do anything under hypnosis that they would not do while fully awake. But I do think that he could have had my panties off and legs spread had he put me to sleep. I was creaming my panties sitting there in the car thinking about it."

"That is so exciting. Do you suppose that he would be willing to hypnotize each of us? One at a time, so that nothing would happen. We could each watch the other being put under. What do you think?"

"Well, I don't know. Suppose that he is able to put us both under at the same time without us being able to resist. He might have his way with each of us."

"Come on, Tammy. If it happens, it's time we were losing our cherry anyway. Besides, you said that he was a hunk. Did you look at his crotch? How big is he?"

Tammy's face turned red. "Let's just say that he did look tempting. Let me think about it and I will let you know. If I decide to try I will arrange for us to meet in my apartment."

A week later, Tammy and Debbie were anxiously waiting for Tom to arrive. "Debbie, maybe we should not go through with this."

"Don't chicken out now. I want to be hypnotized."

The doorbell rang and Tammy let Tom enter. Debbie's eyes almost bulged out of her head. He really was a hunk! He wouldn't have to hypnotize her to get in her pants. If she was going to lose her cherry, what a way to do it! Tom was very pleased with what he saw. Debbie was every bit as attractive as Tammy.

After some small talk, both girls rather nervous, "I understand that you girls are curious about hypnotism. Tammy, would you like to go first? We know that you are an excellent subject."

Tammy replied rather sheepishly, "Okay, where do we start?"

"Just sit there on the couch and relax. First, feel your hands and arms beginning to relax. Let them fall into your lap. Now, let your legs relax." As Tammy's legs relaxed and parted, he noticed that Debbie’s eyes noticed the movement. She was staring at Tammy's crotch. Tom saw that she was getting turned on, as Tammy was relaxing. "Look at me and listen to my voice. The couch feels very comfortable. You are settling into the couch." Her eyes were losing their focus, she was going under. "Your eyelids are getting heavy." Debbie could hardly believe what she was seeing. Tom was putting Tammy to sleep! "As hard as you try, you cannot keep your eyes open." Tammy's eyes closed. "Sleep, Tammy. As I continue to talk, you will go deeper and deeper into a hypnotic trance." Tammy's head slumped to her chest. She was completely under.

"Well, Debbie, what did you think of that? Your friend is out like a light." Debbie was still staring at Tammy’s crotch. When she realized that Tom had spoken to her, she blushed, "What did you say?"

"Did you enjoy watching Tammy go under?"

"I can't believe that a person can be talked into a sleep like that. Is she really out or is she faking?"

"She is totally out. She went into a deep trance. I will raise an eyelid and you can see for yourself." As he raised an eyelid, Debbie could see that her eyes were totally blank, unaware of anything.

"Would you like to be hypnotized?"

"Not while Tammy is out. Remember, you are only to put one of us out at a time."

"Okay, but you have something on your cheek. Let me brush it off." Tom reached and caressed her cheek. Debbie was staring into his eyes. He thought to himself, "This is going to be so easy. She is dying to be put to sleep" He brushed her cheek and then took his hand and closed her eyes and commanded, "Sleep!"

Debbie went under immediately. She slumped forward, her head falling between her legs, her arms falling to each side. Both girls were completely under. He knew that Debbie was turned on by Tammy being hypnotized and he must find out why she was staring at Tammy's crotch. They must never know that they were both out at the same time. That would be easy.

Turning to Tammy, he commanded her to continue to sleep and hear nothing until he speaks her name. Then turning back to Debbie, he sat her up, put one arm under her legs and the other under her arms and lifted her limp form. Tom carried Debbie into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. "Debbie, can you hear my voice?" There was a faint yes." "Good, but in the future you will answer in a normal voice. You are in my complete control and will truthfully answer my questions. Do you understand?"

In a normal voice, Debbie spoke, "Yes, I am under your complete control and will answer your questions."

"Were you sexually turned on as I hypnotized Tammy?" Tom already knew the answer. "Yes" What were you looking at as Tammy was going to sleep?

"Her legs had parted and I could see her crotch."

"Why does that turn you on so much? Do you want to make love to her?"

Even under hypnosis, Debbie blushed. "No. I remember seeing a horror movie. A girl was chloroformed and the man lifted her up to carry her. Her body was completely limp and her dress had partially fallen open. I was thinking that they should shoot a picture of her panty-covered butt as he carried her to the couch. I so wanted to see her butt while she was unconscious.

Tom couldn't believe what he had heard. He would gladly give Debbie her wish. "Did any other movies turn you on?"

"Yes, but not to the degree of the first one. That was so exciting that I wish it would happen again."

"Would you like to see Tammy pass out and get a good look at her butt?"

"OOH! I am sure that I would cream myself ."

"Debbie, I am going to count to ten and you will gradually awaken. You will not remember any of this nor realize that you have been hypnotized. You will think that you have just watched Tammy go under. When I hypnotize you, you will do as I command and go under slowly. Now, one, two, three,---, nine, ten."

"Tammy looks so peaceful and seems to be sound asleep. Can you waken her now? I would like to talk to her."

"When I count to three, Tammy, you will awaken and feel completely refreshed. You will answer Debbie’s questions with no embarrassment. One, two, three."

Tammy's eyes opened and she looked a little embarrassed. "Did you hypnotize me?"

"You went completely under in less than two minutes. He told you to relax and then your eyelids got heavy. On his command you conked out. He opened an eyelid and you were obviously dead to the world. What did it feel like?"

"You really enjoyed watching me go under. The couch became so comfortable and I became so sleepy that it seemed a good idea to close my eyes and that is the last thing I remember until I looked at you. Let me watch him put you into oblivion. Tom, do you think that you can put her out?"

"Oh, I am sure that I can. Get up so that Debbie can sit where you are." Tammy stood and walked toward Tom. "Tammy, you are feeling faint, the room is beginning to spin and grow dim." Tammy seemed to wobble, her knees buckled. Tom caught her as she passed out cold. One hand and arm went across here butt, feeling the crack of her ass, and the other caught her under the shoulders and her lifted her limp form in his arms. Her head fell back and her skirt slipped down to her waist. He let Debbie have a good look at Tammy’s face. She could see that Tammy was completely out. Then he turned her so that Debbie could get a good look at Tammy’s ass.

Debbie's eyes widened as she stared at Tammy's butt with the panties tucked into the crack of her ass. Tom carried Tammy to the couch and laid her down, letting one leg lay against the couch and the other flop the other direction. Debbie stood staring at Tammy's crotch, observing the slight imprint of her vagina lips under the cloth and the panties coming to a vee as they fitted into the crack of her ass. Her crotch was slightly damp from her sexual tension before being put to sleep. Looking at Debbie, Tom was sure that Debbie was in a much higher state of sexual excitement.

"Debbie, do you like what you see?"

There was a pause before she realized that Tom had spoken to her. All she could do was utter an "umm".

"Would you like for me to put you to sleep?"

"Oh, yes, but not while Tammy is out."

"I will put you to sleep, drop your shorts, and put your limp form over my shoulder. I am sure that your butt will look very inviting bent over my shoulder." Her face reddened, but Tom could see that she wanted that very much. She was nearly under hypnosis.

"Debbie, unfasten your shorts and let them drop to the floor." Staring blankly, Debbie did as she was told. Her crotch was soaking wet. Tom stepped forward, touched Debbie's cheek and commanded her to pass out cold. Debbie's eyes closed and she began falling to the floor. Tom crouched, letting her body slump over his shoulder. He put a hand over each buttock and lifted her off the floor. She had such a firm butt and he felt it part as her body lay limp over his shoulder. Sliding his hands down to her legs in order to hold her more firmly, he walked to a mirror to get a good look at his unconscious female. The view almost made him unload his semen as he looked at the spread buttocks and the swollen pussy between her legs. As he was carrying her to the bedroom, he wondered how Tammy would look in the same position. He entered the bedroom and laid Debbie down on her tummy. He then found the hem of her panties and slowly pulled them down over that beautiful butt. Seeing that naked butt was almost more than he could take. At some point he was going to have to unload his cock in a pussy hole.

He then went in to wake Tammy. "Tammy, as I count to three, you will awaken." Tammy slowly awoke and it took a few moments for her to realize where she was. She sat up, unaware that she had been so exposed.

"You put me out again, didn't you?"


"You can do it anytime you want, can't you? I feel so helpless. Where is Debbie?"

"She was so overcome by all of the events that she went out like a light. She is lying on the bed. Would you like to see her?"

Tammy followed Tom to the bedroom. Upon seeing Debbie's bare butt and exposed swollen pussy, she turned very red and stammered, "What have you done to her? Wake up, Debbie! We have to get out of here."

Tom stepped up behind her and pressed his swollen cock into the crack of her ass. She was fighting to get free, but he held her ass against his cock. "You like the feel of that cock against your ass, don’t you? That cock is beginning to make you hot. You are losing control to that cock."

She gradually quit fighting and pressed her butt back against him. Mewing and humming sounds were coming from her.

"You would like to fall complete under the power of that cock. You are ready for that cock to enter you. If that is what you want, let your self fall into a hypnotic sleep."

With those words, Tammy let out a small moan and collapsed. She was out and bent over so that his cock was now pressed against the lips of her pussy. Tom picked her up in the bent over position and laid her over the back of a chair. His cock had pressed her panties into the crease of her wet pussy. Tom pulled her panties over her well-rounded butt and let them drop to the floor. He then dropped his pants and soaked underwear and his hard cock was immediately aimed at the inviting target. He placed the end of his cock against the entrance to her love hole. Before pressing forward he commanded Tammy to wake up.

She woke and realized the position she was in and looked back, "Put that thing in me! Fuck me until I can’t take it! Fuck me senseless. Knock me out with your cock."

With those words, Tom pressed forward, his cock slid through the slippery tunnel until Tammy could feel his balls against her vulva. As he pumped her, she rocked her ass. Soon, she had lost complete control, and was making gibberish sounds. As he released his load, Tammy made a blubbering sound with her lips, and then went completely limp. She had passed out cold. He had knocked her out with his cock.

Pulling out and stepping back, he admired the view. His semen was running out of her wide-open pussy. He was spent. Debbie would have to wait for her first fuck.

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