Dalnet vs. mIRC

Dalnet and mIRC are two different services from my ( very limited) view that offer the same thing; IRC Chat rooms. And all the same selection of IRC Chat Rooms. Why post links to both services then? By the end of this instruction the you fill understand why (I hope :)


Basically speaking, mIRC is where you want to go if you want to download the service to use the rooms. By downloading the latest version of mIRC you are allowed many other services other than just speaking in chat rooms. Some of the other benefits are: private chat rooms, you can DCCC someone (this is how you send pictures to others), as well as plenty of other things. mIRC also has a help windows up that help in trying to teach you how to enjoy the full use of their services. That will be of more help than me :). And if you can't find help there, just ask some of the OP's (the bosses) on the channel you are on for some help. They are nice and will help you. Don't worry they dont bite. Well.....atleast not most of the time :). . mIRC is free for the first 30 days, but after that you must pay a fee of $20 for its services if you care to continue using it.


Dalnet is the more basic service. To use Dalnet, one doesn't have to download anything. But by choosing Dalnet you are opting for the use of only the main chat room channels. You can't DCC someone or have a private chat room. But if all you really care to do is speak in the main chat rooms, then this is the service you should choose. However, I am not 100% that you can in fact use dalnet without having mIRC. I seem to be able to (although I have recently downloaded mIRC); but when I told the OP's about that they were surprised and didn't think it was possible. So, if you do choose this option and it appears not to be working it may be because you in fact need to have mIRC.

Directions for downloading mIRC

Here are the steps for downloading mIRC:
1) Click on icon for downloading the newest newest version (currently 5.41)
2) Choose a server in your country and closest to your hometown
3)Download it
4)Answer the questions to the questionaire
5) A little frame will come up with the picture of the creator (someone atleast) and close that frame.
6) Go to file in the upper left hand corner while in the status frame and hit connect.
7)When connected, you will see a page with all different room names. Type in desired room (i.e. #sleepysex).
8) You are there. Enjoy!

Directions for Dalnet
1)Click on icon for chat- either on the left side or on the bottom
2)When connection screen shows up (give it a few seconds) type in nickname and then the desired chat room (i.e. #sleepysex) in respective boxes.
3) Connect
4) You are there. Enjoy!

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