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Updated: 5/19/99

I guess there is a time in everyone's life when they are ready to let go of a few items and start anew. That is how I have been feeling this past week or so. With the exception of a few, I am looking to sell the vast majority of my tapes. I am looking to sell it all to one person. I don't want to have to deal with making sure I am sending each tape to the proper person. I am looking to sell for the tapes for $150, it is a bargain as there is a lot of tapes, but if there is a lot of demand I will sell it to the higher bidder. I don't see that happening though. Give me an e-mail if you are interested and I will let you know which tapes I plan on keeping.

Also, I may consider making a trade or two but I don't plan on making any dubs of my tapes, as I can't even if I wanted to, so if you are looking for something I plan holding on to the trade is not going to happen.

I am always interested in making trades for new material containing over the shoulder carries (of females). Mainstream, videos, etc.. Below you will find a list of what I have. Some material I purchased and others I traded for.

Let me stress the need for us to support the video producers out there. With out our support they will not be able to supply us with more tapes of our favorite fetish's. We need to buy as well as trade.

If interested in making a trade e-mail me and please follow these basic guidelines:

1) Let me know what you are interested in, being as specific as possible.
2)Let me know exactly what you have to offer me Please don't just mention you have tapes from so and so companies or a bunch of mainstream otsc scenes. Be specific in what you have to offer.
3)Shipment is done through Priority Mail. Three bucks for shipment in two days is a great deal. Regardless of all the tales about the postmen, they deliver. If you dont get anything it is most likely the trader burned you.

These guidelines, if followed, will make the trade go by a lot faster. Hope to hear from you.


From Paragon Video

Under Wraps
Secratary In Bondage
Policewomen in Peril parts 1
Chloroformed and Fondled 2+3

From Thursday Night Video

CF-5 (The Knockout Party)

From WAVE Videos

Phycho Dance
Phycho Charlie Returns Part 1
Strangled 2

From Anton Video

Knocked Out 1
Knocked Out 2
Knocked Out 4
Knocked Out 5
Knocked Out 6
Knocked Out 7
Knocked Out Tied Up 5
From Aes Productions

Chloroformed and Bound Part 1

From Double Jeopardy Productions

I also have seperate carries from videos (only otsc's and firemans). From
Liftnet videos (female to female), and Double Trouble (female to
female) and a company or two other.

Mainstream OTS Carry Scenes

I do not have the time to make tapes with only certain scenes. I have these carries on different tapes and I will make trades with certain tapes. The tapes have plenty of scenes on them.

Aliens From Outer Space
Gypsy Angels
Silk Stalkings
Rescue Me
Murders Row (a KO otsc)
Terminal Virus
Danger Zone
Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinasaur Hell
Get Smart
Cindy Crawford: Shape your Body Workout- Cindy carried otsc
Nights and Armour
Hunchback of Notre Dame satire- LONG SCENE
Man of La Mancha
There's A Girl In My Soup
Singled Out- Jenny Mccarthy carrying Carmen Electra over her shoulders
Laverne and Shirley,
2 Who's the Boss scenes
Three's Company
2 As The World Turns scenes
Gilligans Island
Sixteen Candles
Hart To Hart
Beauty and the Beast
General Hospital
Hawai Five-O
Trench Coat
Blood Harvest
Batman and Robin
Night Court
7 Hours to Judgement- the Julianne Phillips carry
Walker Texas Ranger
Working Girl
Too Much
I Dream Of Genie
Bionic Woman
Bill and Ted Bogus Journey
2 Lois And Clark (Christmas episode and KO'ed one)
X-Files (the tv otsc)
The Phantom
Perfect Victims
Power Rangers
Sledge Hammer
Adventures Of Sinbad
2 WWF Wrestling Carries
Gorilla At Large
Private Resort
Son Of Pink Panther
Witchcraft 6 (KO OTSC)
Mummy Lives
Scarlet Scorpion
The Fall Guy
Both scenes from The Frighteners
2 scenes from Dr Who
Ghoulies 4
Over Her Dead Body
Most Dangerous Man Alive
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
A lot of foreign wrestling carries (ots and firemans carries)
A number of Mexican OTSC's
A LOT of miscellenous/unknow scenes- the list keeps builing up

Mainstream Chloroform/KO Scenes

I am not looking to trade for ko scenes (I am looking for the over the shoulder carying scenes).But I do have plenty of those scenes to offer if you are interested in them.
Same rules as those for the OTSC scenes. Also, some of these ko's are ones with an over the shoulder and/or arm carry(s).


Sweet Valley High
She's The Sheriff
Hawai Five-O scene
Blood Harvest
Bionic Women
Baywatch- Pamela Lee chloro

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