Easy Money

It was all going to fast for him. He wanted to put an end to it all; or atleast just give himself some more time to earn the money. Courtney warned him not to get involved with these people. And he should have listened. It's just that he wanted to buy the house for Courtney so bad and they were the only ones willing to lend him the money. He had thought he could pay it off on time; but then his paycheck didn't come in on time and he was screwed. He could fulfill his last payments to Thomas Ragasali and crew.

The phone calls began last night. Courtney picked up the phone and hung up immediately with a look of horror on her face. "They just called. If we don't get the money to them by noon tomorrow there will be repurcussons," she cried. Sam couldn't do anything but hug her and try to comfort her and himself. He was just as scared as she was. They were not used to being in situations like this before. Both had come from affluent homes were they were given whatever they asked for. Never had to worry about the realities of the real world. They had lived sheltered lives as mommy and daddy's little boy or girl. However, when they decided they both wanted to be actors and move out to California both parents disowned them.

Sam was supposed to take over his families law firm; a job Sam found incredibly boring. Courtney was supposed to be a good old house wife for a affluent husband. When both decided they wanted to take different paths in their live's their parents threatened to disown them. It was quite a coincedence that both sets of parents would act so irrationally they agreed, but they did, and there was nothing they could do about it now. Nor did they want to change anything. They were happy with how things were going; well until last night that was. Courtney had just received the lead in a new tv series called "Impacts." A show geared towards an adolescent audience. Courtney was to play the female who all the males would all want; thus causing some controversies on the show. A perfect job for her as she had always been the girl of everyone's dreams. 5"6, dirty blond hair past her shoulders, perfect nose, beautiful blue eyes, soft skin, and a body to die for. Decent sized breasts, and a nice plump ass. Every males dream. And Sam won her over. He couldn't have been happier- or surprised. The look on his face when she said yes to his asking her out was one of complete amazement. Now it was 6 years later, both were 28, and happily married. To add to their good fortunes, Sam was quickly rising in the business world. Working at Pluto Records, a major label record company, he was quickly learning the ropes and getting better and more important (as well as better paying) jobs. He had his hopes on being the President of Pluto Records one day.

But now this. He was now at the location where he was supposed to meet Thomas Ragasali and posse and give him the money. Sam didn't have the money though. He was going get on his knees and beg if he had to so he could get an extension. He would call his family tonight he promised himself; hopefully they would help him on this one occassion. He could see the looks on their faces when he asked for some money. They were right he was wrong, and they knew he would eventually come looking for help. How humiliating he thought.

Finally the thugs came. Sam was very nervous but knew he had to keep his cool. A little sweat ws forming under his arm pits.

"Where's my money Sam?"

"A long story. My check at work never came this week and I dont have it at the moment.Please give me till Friday to pay you. And I will even give you interest."

"No good Sam. But heres what I will do. I will give you till tomorrow, Tuesday, to get me the money. If not, repurcussions will be taken in effect. Lets just say, Courtney is a very lovely lady."

"You leave Courtney out of this! She has nothing to do with it!"

Tomorrow, noon, same place. Later."

"So, will they give you the money dear?" asked a concerned Courtney?

"No, they just laughed in my face. Telling me they were right all along."

"What are we going to do? Those thugs are going to do something they on the phone there will be repurcussions. What do yo think those repurcussions will be?"

Sam had failed to inform Courtney of her part in the scenerio now; in fear of sending her completely off the wall. She was a very strong-willed person but he didn't want to take any chances. Also, it was to hard for him to have reveal that to her; that he now got her involved in all this.

"I don't know honey. Maybe they will go after our cars, or maybe follow us around to scare us."

Courtney was silent for a minute contemplating their current situation. She had pleaded to Sam not to borrow money from these guys. It was way to risky. The house wasn't that important. But Sam went ahead with it anyways. Now look at the situation they were in! At this moment she wished she was at home with her mom. The safety she had at home was greatly missed at this moment. But she could never go back there. To return would be to admit that she was wrong and they were right. She couldn't bring herself to do that.

Sam then made a quick exit and started getting ready for bed. Courtney followed.

Courtney woke up at 10 A.M. the next day to find Sam long gone. She went about her normal things. It was 11 A.M. when she remembered the situation they were in. Sam didn't have the money; he was going to ask for another extension. "They are never going to give to him," she thought to herself. She then decided she would stay in all day. She then dressed in her favorite tight black jeans (she new all the males would stare at her nice round ass in it making her husband a little angry), a tight black t-shirt tucked in, and white socks; no shoes. She would take periodic peaks outside to make sure no one was guarding her house.Everything was normal. She started to relax. "Maybe they granted him another extension," she thought a little relieved.

That relief was short-lived. Around 12:30 a black Lincoln Town Car pulled up directly in front of her house. She heard the car park an knew trouble had arrived. Instinctively, she picked up the phone to call 911. However, the phone line was dead. Unbelievably, she noticed she wasn't panicked. She was keeping her cool. She started to think of a way to get away from the bad guys. Sam said she wouldnt be in danger but there was something that made her believe otherwise. She had an idea.....

Meanwhile, in their new black Towns Car, Mr. Purple, Mr. Green, and Mr. Orange were getting ready. They had now completed a few successful jobs and were able to afford some new luxuries: the car, clothes, and kidnapping devices. Also, each was assigned certain duties. Mr. Purple was assigned the hide out locations, Mr. Green was assigned to accept offers from clients, and much to Mr. Orange's delight he was assigned to the actual kidnapping and being in charge of the kidnappee. He couldn't have been happier. He had never been happier in his entire life- or hornier for that matter. He had spent the past few days staking out Courtney and he couldn't wait to get to business. He thought her to be one of the most attractive females he had ever seen. He couldn't wait to get his hands on her. The fantasies would finally come to life. His past few kidnap victims weren't to shabby either; but Courtney was different.

"Ready Mr. Orange?" asked Mr. Green.

"Couldn't be readier. This should be a piece of cake," replied Mr. Orange as he got his tools ready.

He was going to try out his sleeping powder which he recently purchased. It was held in a breath refreshener container. All he had to do was spray it in her direction and Courtney would be fast asleep. He also brought a bottle of chloroform and a bandana just as back up. He wouldn't be needing that though; atleast he hoped.

Courtney was about about to set her plan in action. When the doorbell rang. She had laid out all the traps: the banana peel, the wire ankle high, and the socks on the slippery floor. She knew these would only slow the kidnappers up but she needed all the time she could get. She saw the figure of a lone man at the door and she hurriedly went to the back door of her house to get out. Mr. Orange saw that and clickly rushed to the back of the house to meet her. Courtney had to avoid her own traps and took a little bit longer to get to the rear entrance. When she finally did, Mr. Orange was there waiting for her.

"Your mine sweety. Be a good one and just come peacefully. I won't hurt you."

"Screw you buddy."

And with that Courtney ran back into the house with no direction in her mind.

"You are only making this more fun for me sweety. There is no way out."

And then Mr. Orange went off after her. As luck would have it, as soon as he started after her, he tripped over the sock she had planted and fell on his back. The loudness of his impact caught Courtney's attention and she forgot about the wire. She had turned around by reflex to see Mr. Orange on the ground. When she started running she ran over the wire and she herslef fell down.

"Dammit" screamed Courtney.

By the time she got up Mr Orange was 2 feet away from her.

"Now you're mine!"

"Get away!"

And just then He grabbed her by the arms and pinned her against the wall.

"Your never going to get away with this you know!"

"Oh really. I see things quite differently."

"Please let me go, I won't tell anyone about this meeting. I promise."

"Now I can't do that. Nor do I want to."

"Please....what do you want with me."

"You'll find out. Now it is time for you take a nice little nap Courtney."


And with that Mr. Orange took out the sleeping gas and sprayed it in Courtneys face. Her eyes started fluttering and rolling around, and then finally a last sigh and Courtney was unconsious. It was hard for Mr. Orange to control himself. But he was professional and new he had to take care of business. He quickly admired the sleeping Courtney in the tight black jeans and t-shirt. What a beautiful site. He then grabbed her left hand with his right, bent down and pulled her down over his shoulders. He got up and gave a little bit more of a push so she was fully over his shoulders. It felt as good as he thought, carrying Courtney over his shoulders. He was still holding her so he decided to let it go; he did and he took note of her both arms dangling about. He then positioned both of his hands over her thighs and walked around the house looking for a mirror. He finally found one and he had wood the size of Mount Everest! Looking at Courtney thrown over his shoulders was great. The dangling limp hands, her ass resting on his shoulders, the limp legs just motionless. It was great. He took a few feels of her ass and then started to go back to the car.

At the car he took her off his shoulders gently and placed her on the seat next to him. This way he would make sure she didnt wake up. They were off.

When they arrived at the hide out they promptly exited the car and entered the wharehouse. Courtney was now awake and was smart enough not to talk and bother her kidnappers. Mr. Orange told Courtney to get up out of the car; she hesitantly complied. Pretending, possibly with good reason after that response, that she was going to rebel he knew how he was going to transport her.

"Doing things the hard way....again. You will never learn."

And with that he in one quick action bent down and threw her over his left shoulder. Courtney, unhappy at the fact she was being carried over the shoulder, attempted a couple weak kicks and punches but was fearful if she attacked to hard he would hurt her.

"Put me down! Now!," Courtney yelled.

"Fat chance. You opted for the hard way. Now you will have to live with it. And besides' I kinda like carrying you around over my shoulder.

"You like carrying me over your shoulders? What are you, some sort of pervert?"

"Maybe I am. Not much you can do about it."

By this time they were in the wharehouse and at the location Courtney was to call home. He put her down and she quickly retracted to the farthest wall.

"This is where you will be spending some time while you are with us."

"You're kidding me' right? I aint stying in this room by myself."

"Bye Courtney."

As the door closed, Courtney started kicking and hitting the walls for attention. Finally, she got some. Mr. Orange, by the wishes of the whole crew, came back with a bandana soaked with chloroform. He quickly placed it over her mouth and nose. She tried screaming but all that came out was a bunch of "mmpphhsss..." They eventually becanme weaker and her eyes rolled back and she was once again in nap land.


When Sam came home he knew something was wrong. He quickly called the cops. They said they received a hunch from next neighbors about a mysterious Towns car with a licence plate reading "colormen." They said they would track it down and see what they could find. After a few hours of searching they found the car at a deserted wharehouse. When looking inside they found Courtney. No kidnappers though. They had heard the sirens and quickly retreated.

Sam couldn't have been happier. He thought he might have lost her. They embraced and didn't let go of each other for a long time. The first thing they did was when they got home was play their perverted game of fireman. Sam was the fireman who would rescue Courtney from the fire by carrying her over the shoulders and sometimes in the fireman's carry. What a coincedence they thought, that they both shared the same fetish!

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