Attitude Adjustment
Attitude Adjustment
A. Nonny Mouse

I work as a staff photographer for a large company. I can tell you're impressed. There are two things that keep the job from being totally boring - when I have a camera in my hand, I can tell people what to do, and they listen! I could tell the ceo that I could get a better picture of him if he would stand on his head, and he would probably do it. The second thing that keeps me awake is fact that my company employs about a thousand women, many of them beautiful. About 98% are nice, but the other 2% are stuck-up bitches who think their shit don't stink. Isn't terrible when a beautiful woman is her own biggest fan?

One of the best and bitchiest is Lori, secretary to a v.p. This red-headed ice queen thinks she's too good to work here but here she sits,venting her spleen on her poor co-workers.

"Hi Lori. Here's the new p.r. shot of Mr. Logan. How's it look?"

"It'll do," she mutters, annoyed at any interruption, and snatches it out of my hand. "The papers never pick these releases anyway."

I lower my voice. "I just got a new flash in that I need to test." She looks bored. "I usually do a few portraits of my staff, but I'm tired of shooting those guys. If you come over to the studio and sit for five minutes, I could shoot a nice little portfolio for you, and give you prints for your mother or your boyfriend." She's more interested now - I've appealed to her vanity and greed.

"How many would I get," she asks, "and how long is this gonna take?"

"In five minutes I'll shoot a dozen, and I'll make 8" x 10"s of the ones you like. Come over at quitting time and I'll blast them off."

"I always leave early, so I'll be there at 4:45."

"See you then," I say pleased that the trap was set so easily.

She's strides into the studio on time; god forbid she should be late getting out. I point to the full-length mirror. "Please check your hair while I check my lights." I close and lock the door on my way past, and stand by my lights enjoying the view. She's standing with her back to me, brushing her long red hair. She's wearing a short, tight green dress that shows off her figure, her long legs encased in tan nylons, and white high heels. I run my eyes up and down, enjoying the sexy intimacy of watching her brush her bright, copper-colored hair. I also glance at cameras 1 and 2 to make sure they are both rolling. 1 is shooting her now, where I pre-focused it at the mirror. 2 is pre-focused on the spot where she will pose. I'm getting some good video already.

"O.K.," she says, turning. "Where do you want me?"

I bite my tongue and pose her on the back drop, and run her through a quick series of poses, no more sexy than an average senior girl's portrait or the Penney's catalogue. With her figure, these look plenty sexy anyway. She's not a bad model, except she won't smile for me. "Aren't you done yet? Hurry up!" she whines.

"Let me get a few seated poses, and that'll be it." I put out a posing stool and direct her to sit. "I need to adjust this hair light. Keep facing the camera so I get it aimed right." I go behind her and rattle around with the light, then quickly bend and pick up a baggie from behind the backdrop. I open it, pull out my chloroform-soaked rag, and stride back behind her. With one motion I pin her arms to her sides with my left arm, while my right hand clamps the rag over her mouth and nose.

"MMMMMPPHH!" God! She's squirming like crazy, but I've got a good grip on her. The strong fumes are making me dizzy, or maybe it's the excitement, or both! Her struggles and screams soon get weaker, and then she goes completely limp. When I relax my grip, her head lolls forward, and her arms hang straight down. Making sure she stays on the stool, I scoot around in front of her, and kneel down. In this position, it's fairly easy to grab her by the waist and pull her over my shoulder, and stand up. She's heavy! This ain't no waif or skinny teeny-bopper. I got me a full-grown woman! And she feels good!

I walk over to the mirror and admire the view, turning slowly so camera 1 gets a good shot. Her bright hair is cascading down my back, and it looks great! Her stair-master legs and ass are firm and tight, and I turn so I can see her pretty hands with long, real fingernails swinging down near my ass.

I carry her into the control room and flop her on the couch. I gaze down at my prize. This haughty bitch is unconscious at my feet, helpless! Her red hair is splashed across the cushion, framing her pretty face with it's few freckles and her mouth hanging wide open. Her dress has ridden up, showing me her thighs and undies. Cute! I turn her and pull her hands behind her back, and tie her wrists with rope. I'm a hand freak, and I study the soft beauty of her slender hands, now bound tightly. I take the time to take a few pictures, then I turn my attention to her feet. Looking at her pumps, I wonder again how women can walk in these things. I'm sure glad they do! I tie her ankles together, then unbutton her top. I admire her lacy white bra for just a second before opening it to expose her soft, milky-white tits. Exquisite! I cup their silky softness. Ummm! I've had serious wood since the struggle, and now it's time to do something about it. I pull my cock out, and begin to rub it across her face. Wow! Her breathing gets quicker (as does mine) and her eyes start to flutter, and a second later she opens them. She rolls her eyes woozily for a few seconds, then suddenly they snap into focus, wide with shock and indignation. "What the fuck are you doing? Stop it!", she screams. The studio is sound-proof, but who wants noise when they're trying to concentrate? I take a piece of black gaffer's tape, and press it firmly across her mouth. "MMMMPPHH!" Now that's music to my ears.

I roll Lori toward the back of the couch and lay down behind her. I fondle her gorgeous tits and I shove my cock into her hands, telling her, "There's someone special I want you to meet. Shake hands gently. Ahhh! That's it." What am I going to do next? I do exactly what you would do in my place, over and over...

Lori is standing in front of the mirror, re-applying her make-up. "God. I never knew I could cum so many times. Could you please take my picture again soon?"

"I'll book a session for you one night next week. Come over to my studio and I'll shoot a whole portfolio for you."

"I'd like that."

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