The Stake Out by EZ
The Stake Out

"Claire Thomas, meet me in my office please,"

Oh no, Claire Thomas thought to herself. She knew she was in trouble for she had just blown her cover. She was supposed to be investigating a gang of alleged car thieves for her newspaper, The News, in hopes of catching the thieves in action. This was to be her big break, catch the thieves and report it on the front page. It would catch everyoneís attention. Especially the big newspapers who would immediately offer her contracts with great incentives for her to work for them. She would gladly accept the best offer and fulfill her life long dream! But this was no longer to be; she blew it! She told herself there was nothing she could do about it; it wasnít her fault. How was she to know that one of "The Crew" (as the gang of car thieves were called) would have to go to the bathroomí and out of all places choose the abandoned warehouse that she was hiding in and taking pictures! If she hadnít run out of the warehouse as fast as she did, she would have been caught right there. Mr. David Thorson, the editor-in-chief of The News and her boss, should feel for her, not be angry. Maybe the story is ruined now but atleast sheís all right! Whereís his compassion?

"Hi there Claire, why donít you take a seat."

"Sure, Mr. Thorson. I am sorry there was nothing I could doÖ.

"Hush Claire. It is all right. Would you care for some coffee?"

"No thanks, I am fine. Itís fine? Are you sure? I had the perfect opportunity and I blew, I feel so bad."

"We all know and that is why we are giving you a second chance."

"Really? What kind of second chance?"

"Well, to make up for today, you are going to continue reporting this case. The crooks will never think we have the guts to continue researching this matter after today! They will have no clue. It is perfect!"

"I donít know about this Mr. Thorsons. It seems kind of risky."

"Nonsense Claire, and besides you could use some risk in your life."

To that, Claire had to say yes. She had no other choice. She thanked him for the second chance and left his office and headed for her car.

In the car she thought about what he had said, "you could use some risk in your life." That was true she concluded. All her life she was very conservative. She had grown up in a wealthy family who always paid for anything she wanted. The riskiest thing she ever did was horseback ride! She went to all the finest private schools and then went to Harvard for college. She studied journalism there and spent most of her free time with her roommates. Had an occasional fling with some boy on campus but never a steady boyfriend. If she wanted one though, it would have been no problem with her intelligence and dashing good looks. She was 5"6 with straight, thick blond hair a little past her shoulder, bright blue eyes, a petite nose, some nice full lips, and a body to die for! She always wore tight blue jeans which allowed everyone a nice view of her ass, a tight T-shirt to show her plump breasts, and some soccer shoes. Looking at herself now, she still wore the same exact outfit! Not much changes she thought to herself. After college she moved out to California and got a job at a small local newspaper that went by the name, The News. She became a good worker but always followed the rules. She was never one to argue a order from a superior or break the rules to get her hands on a story. She had her morals and she would stick to them. Over time she started to get bored and wanted to go on to a bigger newspaper that could offer better stories for her to pursue. She was tired of the usual reports on lay-offs at the local business and other boring stories that the small papers cover. Once in a while a she would get assigned a interesting story about a car wreck, or a robbery but that was very rare. She wanted some adventure she subconsciously thought. She wanted to be the Lois Lane of the real world. When she heard about the story on the alleged car thieves she jumped on it and got the story she wanted. Her, she thought, is an interesting story with some adventure in it. She never seriously thought she would get caught. Since these robbers had no clue as to her research she had nothing to worry about. But now! They are going to be more alert and keeping 3 eyes open. This was becoming riskier than she wanted. But she couldnít back out now!

She parked at the warehouse where she had almost been caught for no particular reason. While strolling around inside, she caught some movement out of the corner of her eye. She walked over, cautiously, to see what it was. As soon as she got to the area of the noise she heard a quiet voice begging "please donít kick me out or arrest me. I have no where else to stay." It was a homeless man who was making this warehouse his home. She apologized for the intrusion. Before she left, she asked him if he saw those car thieves outside. He told he had. In fact, he heard them mention that they would be back tonight to steal some more cars! She thanked him and left.

What luck she thought, a way to redeem myself! I can come back tonight and start where I last left off as if nothing happened. As time went on she started getting a little nervous. What if they check the buildings first and I am in there? What if they saw me before? What ifÖ.. All different questions entered her mind. She didnít know if she could go through with this anymore. She had though. She knew if she didnít she would be fired. She was lucky enough they gave her a second chance. But there was another reason, one she was reluctant to admit to even herself. She wanted to go through with this. The thought of it did send a sense of excitement through her body. The idea of getting caught was by no means pleasant, but it was exciting she had to admit (finally).

Now that she was in position at the same warehouse she was in just that morning and then afternoon she realized she hadnít eaten dinner. She walked across the street, bought a bagel at a local diner and went back to her quarters and waited. And waited. She was almost ready to give up and go home when she saw the blue van drive up. What she didnít see was the black van drive up on the other side of the building!

She was saw the thieves get out of the car and walk to the diner, sit down and order saw food. Strange, she thought, they always get right to work. Why not this time? They probably just need to eat some dinner, duh! Why are you scaring yourself so much Claire? With that she started getting her camera ready. She was just about to double check that she had a new roll of film in her camera when she heard a noise in the back of the room.

At first she was startled, but then she remembered the homeless man she met earlier. She got up to see how he was doing and to tell him she would be sharing the warehouse with him tonight. The thieves were in the middle of dinner, they werenít going anywhere.

"Hello. Mr. It is just me donít worry I am just going to be spending the night here with you so donít be alarmed."

But he wasnít there. He must be here somewhere she thought. Just then from behind her came two men both wearing all black and hoods. Before she could do anything one of the men grab her and held her- her back into his stomach- very tightly so she couldnít move.

"So, you are that sneaky reporter who was here earlier. The Crew told us to see if you would come back!"

Just then the homeless man came out of the drivers seat of the van, only this time he was dressed just like the rest of the hoodlums.

"Hi Claire, remember me? You really shouldnít have got your self involved here. Your such a lovely girl, I hate to have to do this to you."

"Do what?" she asked in a very innocent and brave sounding voice.

"Sleepy time Claire"

And with that he took out a white neatly folded hankerchiek (filled with chloroform) and placed it over her mouth and nose. Claire tried to free herself but to no avail. She tried to let out a scream but all that came out was a long mmpppphhhhh. Her body was starting to get weak and her eyes were starting to get heavy. Her moaning was getting slower. Eventually, her eyes rolled back and she was of into dreamland.

"Lets go!" ordered the homeless man

"No problem Mr. Green." Answered Mr. Orange.

Mr. Orange was the one who was holding the unconscious Claire. He turned her around, bent over and hoisted her over her shoulders. Mr. Orange had made sure she was fully bent over the shoulders, just as he had seen the blond carried in that movie Bill and Tedís Bogus Journey. As he walked, he saw the limp arms or Claire sway back and forth and felt her nice ass a few times; while the rest of the time her had her nice thighs in the grasp of his hands. He could never admit this to anyone but her had a hard on right now. Carrying Claire over his shoulders was the greatest feeling he ever felt! He didnít know how anyone could care less about the good old over the shoulder carry! When he got the van her gently put Claire down, and Mr. Purple quickly dragged her further into the van.

Wasting no time, Mr. Purple tied Claireís hands in front of her. After a few minutes Claire woke up. At first, she didnít know where she was but then it all came back to her. She was just about to let out a scream when a hand went over her mouth and all that came out was a mmmppphh.

"Donít scream sweety. If you do we will be forced to gag you. I am sure you donít want that."

She shook her head no. All of a sudden the car stopped and the back door to the van opened. There stood Mr. Green.

"Looks like sleeping beauty is awake, letís go!"

"You guys are never going to get away with kidnapping me you know" screamed Claire.

"Oh, really? Is that so? We shall see about that."

Just then Mr. Orange jumped out of the van and pushed Claire over to him.

"Letís go honey," he said and with that her threw her over his shoulders again and started walking in. Claire wasnít going in without a fight. She tried hitting him a few times in the back with her bound hands but to no avail.

"Put me down. I will be a good girl. You dont have to carry me over your shoulders."

To that Mr. Orange merely patted her ass and kept on going. He got to the door and went inside. Right in the front hallway to Mr. Greenís home, was a nice sized mirror where he viewed the lovely Claire being carried over his shoulders in those tight blue jeans. He was in heaven! But he quickly went to the living room with everyone else and put Claire down.

"What are we going to do to her?" asked Mr. Purple.

"Nothing for now. We are just going to hold her here for the time being," answered Mr. Green

"Let me go please," begged Claire, " I wonít tell anyone about this, I promise."

"Sorry, but you are with us now and it is time for you to take another nap sweety."

"No! Please, not the chloroform again."

At that moment Mr. Green took out a little bottle which appeared to be a breath mint spray bottle only this was silver.

"Okay, no chloroform," answered Mr. Green.

And with that he sprayed the sleeping gas into Claireí face.

Claire took a breath and it immediately started taking affect. She started becoming dizzy and could feel her eyes started rolling around. After a few seconds her eyes rolled back and she fell back asleep. She fall back onto the couch, head slouched forward staring at her lap. What a great sight thought Mr. Orange.

"Tie her hands up behind her and gag her," ordered Mr. Green.

Mr. Orange did so using a black bandanna cleave gag.

Mmmmmppphhhhh, was all Claire could get out when she came too, but it was enough to get everyoneís attention.

"Look whoís up. How are you feeling Claire?"


"Really? We didnít want to gag youÖ."


"Please, let me continue. We didnít want to gag you but we remembered how much trouble you were last time you woke up we didnít want the same thing this time."


"If we ungag you will you be good?"

"mmmpppphh" she said while nodding her head yes.

"Okay, good." And out came the gag.

"What more do you want with me. The cops will come looking for me soon and they already know this is you hideout from pictures I have previously taken!"

"Really, well thatís fine we are leaving now any ways so it doesnít matter."

"What about me?"

"We will untie you, knock you out again, and when you wake up you are free to go."

"Oh, how nice," answered Claire as sarcastic as possible.

"Sweet Dreams Claire."

Out came the stun gun and Claire was back off to dreamland.

Mr. Green and Mr. Purple left. Mr. Green said he would take his own car and untie Claire. But he had other plans in mind. Unfortunately they got disturbed when the cops, who were alerted by a worried Mr. Thorsons after Claire failed to call and report in (as was her routine to do so), came down the street with sirens blasting. Mr. Orange quickly bent over and threw Claire over his shoulders again. He had no time to admire this beauty over his shoulders in the mirror and watch her limp arms swing around and feel her lump, juicy ass. Instead he ran out the back door; only to be pursued by two younger cops who werenít carrying and female over their shoulders. Mr. Orange was quickly captured. And Claire safe.

Mr. Orange was not one to take the blame by himself and quickly ratted out Mr. Purple and Mr. Green as well as the whole Crew. Unfortunately, Mr. Purple, Mr. Orange, and Mr. Green never knew ones true identities and Mr. Purple and Mr. Green were never caught. The Crew was and the story was covered by the now famous reporter, Claire Thomas.
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